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Weather in Riyadh for the next 7 days

Thu 27°C Fri 25°C Sat 26°C Sun 28°C Mon 23°C Tue 24°C Wed 23°C

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Thu 31°C Fri 32°C Sat 32°C Sun 31°C Mon 30°C Tue 28°C Wed 28°C

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Travel and COVID-19 Update

Your safety is on top of our priorities, therefore, we are doing our best to look towards life after the gravest of the COVID-19 and not affect your plans. Check latest Covid-19 travel update for Sudan.

Riyadh to Khartoum direct flight route information

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550SAR - 970SAR


1791.55 km

Top Airlines 

flynas, Saudi Arabian Airlines 


Main Airports details’/information

Origin Airport - Riyadh King Khalid International Airport

Riyadh King Khalid International Airport (IATA: RUH, ICAO: OERK) lies 35 kilometers north of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It began serving flights in late 1983. 

The airport holds five terminals, forty airbridges, a mosque, a Royal Terminal, two parallel runways, w​hich are each 4,260 meters long, and the Central Control Tower. It provides services for 26.6 million passengers a year. Moreover, it has three lounges; Plaza Premium Lounge, Wellcome Lounge, and Nasmiles Lounge that are all ready to welcome passengers at any time. 


Destination Airport - Khartoum International Airport

Khartoum International Airport (IATA: KRT, ICAO: HSSS) is the largest, and principal airport serving Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. It is situated 4 km southeast of the city in Al Amarat, bounded by Africa Street is to the west and Ebed Khatim Street to the east.

Khartoum International Airport includes 4 terminals, one is intended for domestic flights, two are for international flights (Arrivals / Departures), and a VIP Terminal.

In 2023, the airport will be replaced by Khartoum New International Airport, 40 km south of the city.


Airports services’ and facilities’:

Origin airport facilities’ 

Riyadh King Khalid International Airport

Destination airport facilities’ 

 Khartoum International Airport

  • A Mosque
  • Inter-terminal transportation
  • VIP services and lounges 
  • ATM
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Car rental counters
  • Currency exchange
  • Wi-Fi
  • Lounges
  • Luggage storage
  • Car parking
  • Medical Services


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Direct flight ticket prices’ 




  • Inflight shopping
  • Delicious main course meals
  • Generous baggage allowance

Saudi Arabian Airlines 


  • Spacious and comfortable leather seats
  • Special monitors
  • International Cuisine


City Guide

About Riyadh - Saudi’s Garden City 

Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, is the largest city on the Arabian Peninsula, and most populous with a population officially estimated to be around 5 million people. It lies in the Central Region called Najd, on a sedimentary plateau 600 meters above sea level, while covering an area of 1,913 km2. 

“Riyadh” is derived from the Arabic word meaning a place of gardens and trees.

It is the main financial, political and administrative centre of the Kingdom, as it welcomes the heads of state and public figures every year.

This historical city has upbeat streets, shouting people around its corners, the country's top museum, some of the top hotels and restaurants in the kingdom.

About Khartoum - "City of the Nile Confluence"

Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, is located on the confluence of two rivers: the White Nile flowing north and the Blue Nile flowing west, called “al-Mogran”. 

It is said that “Khartoum” have derived from the Arabic word 'khurtum' meaning hose, possibly in reference to the strip of land between the two rivers.

This city has bridge connections with its sister towns, Khartoum North and Omdurman, with which it shapes Sudan’s largest conurbation.

Khartoum is a melting pot of over 500 different cultural races like Kerma, Meroe, Alodia, and Kush that flourished along the banks of the river Nile. Nowadays, the city is modern and dynamic, with striking towers across its vast skyline, exquisite museums, popular marketplaces, and most of all, hospitable locals.

Travel Guide

Plan your trip & find out the best time to visit Khartoum with Almosafer

You can book your flight ticket to Khartoum now with Almosafer, the user-friendly travel platform, where we will ease all your booking steps starting from finding cheap airline tickets, to city and travel guides to guarantee you a memorable experience.

Start planning your vacation in Khartoum based on our suggestion on the best time to visit the city through the local weather guide below, so you could enjoy your time to the maximum. 

  1. The summers are short, scorching, arid, and partly cloudy.
  • This hot season lasts from April to July, with an average daily high temperature above 39°C., while the hottest day of the year is May 25, with an average high of 41°C and low of 29°C.
  1. The winters are short, warm, dry, windy, and mostly clear. 
  • This cool season lasts from December to February, with an average daily high temperature below 32°C, while the coldest day of the year is January 11, with an average low of 18°C and high of 30°C.
  • Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 18°C to 41°C and is rarely below 14°C or above 43°C.

Almosafer suggests that visiting Khartoum between the months of January and February is the most ideal time as these months witness the most agreeable weather in the city, with mildly warm days and cooler nights. 

Explore some of Khartoum’s top sightseeing with our guide

Get to make the most out of your trip by discovering the city down to the ground with Almosafer, where you can make your flight booking, get cheap air tickets for Riyadh to Khartoum flights and enjoy your long-awaited trip.

Kick off your trip by getting an overview of Khartoum’s topmost sights and most exciting activities to do in advance.

Khartoum is a beautiful and attractive destination spot rich in various sightseeing and places of interests, such as

  1. Sudan National Museum with its mind-blowing showpieces that reveals the rise and fall of the kingdoms of Kerma, Kush and Meroe. This museum displays some astounding royal statues and ideally preserved 3500-year-old artefacts from Kerma, along with medieval Christian frescos left from the ruined churches of Old Dongola, and some temples rescued from Lake Nasser.
  2. The pyramids of Meroe that stand as one of the last remaining symbols from an ancient civilization. Set out between the fifth and sixth cataracts of the Nile, and among the ochre-hued rises of the Sudanese desert, just approximately 240 kilometres north of the capital. They were built by the Meroitic Pharaohs around 500 BC, and comprises over 200 individual pyramid structures, along with a whole series of fascinating ruins of another type.
  3. Khalifa's House Museum which was the residence of the successor of the Mahdi, Khalifa Abdallahi ibn Muhammad, and the headquarters of the administration of the Mahdi State. It turned into an ethnographic museum in 1928.
  • This museum now holds artefacts belonging to the Mahdiyah rule, such as suits of mail, Mahdist coins, flimsy banknotes issued by Gordon during the Siege of Khartoum, as well as swords, and personal belongings of the Khalifa. The collection also showcases photos of Khartoum back then and its subsequent occupation by the British.
  1. The White Nile Bridge, which is a high point of the world's longest river, from where you can witness the outstanding confluence of the Blue and White Niles.
  2. Omdurman Souk is the largest souk of East Africa. It sells all types of authentic handicrafts, artifacts, souvenirs and many items of Sudanese folk memorabilia.
  3. Dinder National Park, represents one of the largest national parks on the continent, spanning an area of over 6474.97km2. This place is a nature lover’s heaven, and ideal for adventure activities, such as hiking and wildlife safaris.It is also a home to some wild animals as lions, elephants, and leopards, besides lots of different bird species.


Know more about your flight to Khartoum with Almosafer FAQs’

Q. What is the distance from Khartoum Airport to the centre of Khartoum?

  1. The distance from the airport to the city centre near Al Kabir Grand Mosque is 4 km. 

Q. Which are the best shopping malls in Khartoum?

  1. The top shopping malls in Khartoum are Afra Mall, and Al Waha Mall.

Q. How much does the taxi cost to and from Khartoum and Omdurman?

  1. The price for a taxi ride from the airport to the center of Khartoum is about SAR6.79, and from the Airport to Omdurman, you should expect a price of SAR16.97.

Q. How long does it take to get the Sudan visa?

  1. Normal processing time is four (4) to six (6) weeks. 

Q. Does Khartoum International Airport offer duty-free shops?

  1. Yes, Duty-Free is available in the International Terminal for Arrivals.

Q. Does Khartoum International Airport provide lounges for passengers?

  1. Yes, the airport offers the VIP Lounge, which is a First Class Lounge in the International Terminal, Airside, outside Terminal Building.

Q. What is the helpline number of Khartoum Airport?

  1. The helpline number of Khartoum Airport is +249 1 837 3624.

Q. How much does a Business class ticket for a direct flight from Riyadh to Khartoum cost on Saudia?

  1. The Business class ticket for Riyadh to Khartoum direct flight on Saudia costs SAR1,920.

Disclaimer: All fares are subject to availability at the time of booking.

FAQs About Flights From Riyadh To Khartoum

  • What is the Main Airport in Khartoum?

    When you arrive Khartoum you will be landing in Civil.

  • How Much is the Cheapest Rate for flights back from Riyadh to Khartoum?

    Best rate for flights from Riyadh to Khartoum is SalamAir, flydubai & Saudi Arabian Airlines.

  • When is the Cheapest day to book a Flight from Riyadh to Khartoum?

    The cheapest day that you can book a flight from Riyadh to Khartoum is Saturday.

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