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27 Days before the Departure

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01:11 AM


Saudi Arabia Kingdom


Saudi Arabia Kingdom


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Weather in Jeddah for the next 7 days

Wed 31°C Thu 31°C Fri 32°C Sat 32°C Sun 32°C Mon 32°C Tue 32°C

Weather in Abha for the next 7 days

Wed 19°C Thu 20°C Fri 20°C Sat 19°C Sun 18°C Mon 18°C Tue 18°C

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238 SAR
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238 SAR
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238 SAR
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150 SAR

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Jeddah to Abha flight information

Average flight duration

01h 15m

Average direct flight prices

SAR113 - SAR287


506 km

Top Airlines 

flynas, flyadeal, Saudia

Origin airport

King Abdulaziz International Airport

Destination airport

Abha International Airport 


Airport details/information

King Abdulaziz International Airport (KAIA) (IATA: JED, ICAO: OEJN), which was opened on 31 May 1981 and named after King Abdulaziz Al Saud, is a Saudi international airport situated 19 km to the north of Jeddah. 

King Abdulaziz International Airport is considered as one of the busiest airports in the country and  the third-largest airport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It includes the Hajj terminal, which is one of the world's largest terminals as it occupies a space of 105 square kilometers and can serve 80,000 passengers at once. The airport also embraces a royal terminal, facilities of King Abdullah Air Base for the Royal Saudi Air Force, and housing for the airport staff.


Origin airport facilities 

King Abdulaziz International Airport

Destination airport facilities

Abha International Airport 

  • Hajj Terminal

  • Royal lounge

  • VIP lounge

  • Car hire

  • Cafés and restaurants

  • ATM

  • Shops

  • Wi-Fi

  • lounge

  • Car hire service

  • Cafeteria

  • ATMs


Seek for the cheapest last minute flight offer by following the next tips & tricks

Planning for a trip can seem tricky, as there are so many decisions to take! The first thing you need to consider is your flight ticket price as it might cost you a lot, if you miss booking the cheapest seat. Therefore, Almosafer has found you the easiest way to book an affordable ticket and catch the ideal flight deal.

You can find special deals on ticket prices for all the available airlines, simply choose your itinerary preferences and get the cheapest ticket price with Almosafer

Try to follow the next steps to be able to book the cheapest ticket:

1. Constantly compare between your results options from airline websites and flight aggregators to find the ideal offer.

2. Be selective when it comes to your flight time, like the least preferable time for people to travel. Also, transit  flights are a great choice, as direct flights are more expensive.

3. When searching for last minute flight offers, simply surf your internet and search for your ticket right after midnight when the prices of the seats that haven’t been booked during the day get reduced.

4. Try to book your flight as far in advance as possible, as ticket prices get increased once enough seats have been purchased on a flight to cover the flight costs.


For best last minute flight offers, check the following and decide which affordable airline is your most preferable for your non-stop flight from Jeddah to Abha:

If you picked flyadeal, you will only pay SAR113 and get in return the most comfy seats and the chance to do some onboard shopping. 

flynas, is your second option for an affordable flight, as the ticket for a direct flight from Jeddah to Abha costs SAR121. This low-cost airline offers you starbucks coffee onboard, delicious main course meals, luxurious leather seats, along with a generous baggage allowance and Executive lounge access at selected airports.

You can also purchase Saudi Arabian Airlines ticket, for which you will only pay SAR182, and receive the most spacious and comfortable seats, special monitors with several channels and international cuisine.


About Jeddah

Jeddah is the bride of the Red Sea, the traditional crossway and gateway of pilgrims and traders to Mecca, and the commercial capital of Saudi Arabia. You will certainly get fascinated with their World Heritage Red Sea architecture, hectic souqs, wonderful dive sites at the coastline, and its distinct international cuisine.

The city draws tourists from inside the Kingdom and outside, as it mixes between old and new lifestyles, making it one of the first Saudi destinations.

This splendid city also holds Jeddah Corniche which is considered a waterfront area, that includes a huge number of hotels, resorts and beaches heading to the north, where beach resort compounds are built for party and celebrations purposes.


About Abha

Located within the Sarawat Mountain range at the southwestern part of Saudi Kingdom at an elevation of 2270m above sea level, Abha, which is the queen of the Kingdom’s cities, home of the headquarters of the regional Governorate and capital of Asir region. 

This city is classed as a mountain retreat and holiday spot for Saudis and people from the other Arabian Gulf countries thanks to its breathtaking mountain landscapes, cool climate, fertile soil and moderate rainfall.

Abha is being developed to a major tourist spot, as the tourist can lodge at 5-star hotels, furnished tourist villas and modernistic motels. Besides, they can move between mountain parks in the midst of a hospitable Arab atmosphere.


Find out the best time to visit Abha and the city’s top hotels

Abha is one of the Kingdom’s treasures that is not classified as the coldest of regions in Saudi Kingdom, but remains as one of the coolest regions in the Holy country. The temperatures are moderate all year round with an average of 21°C in the summer, that become clearly cooler during the winter season to reach 15°C.

Abha and the neighbouring region are distinctive than the other parts of the country, as they are subject to rain, which clarifies the reason behind the huge industry of agriculture.

Additionally, Asir Province has two rainy seasons, for which the first one is in March and May, while the second one is in July and August due to the Indian monsoon that reaches the southwest of Saudi Arabia.

Almosafer suggests that the best time to pay this marvelous city a visit is in June and from September to October.

In the following, you will be able to choose your most favorite hotel among our list of Abha hotels.

If you would like to stay at La Fontaine Ronas Abha Suites, a 3-star hotel, that provides the guests with fully equipped suites and apartments, Wi-Fi and free parking, you will be close to Abha Palace Theme Park, Abha Cultural Arena and Muftaha Palace Museum.

As an alternative, you can lodge in Boudl Abha, a 3-star modern hotel, that on one hand offers restful rooms that consist of a separate living room with sofa and a well-equipped kitchen, in addition to free Wi-Fi and a sauna. On the other hand, you can have a memorable shopping experience, for it is located within the premises of Abha Mall Complex and near Al Rehana Mall.

If you would like to try something different, stay at Shafa Abha Hotel, a 4-star hotel, featuring two swimming pools, a nice restaurant, a lounge and a business centre. The  hotel’s prime location also gives you easy access to multiple amazing parks, such as Al Andalus Park, Abu Khayal Garden Park, Reservoir Park and Waterfall Park.

For a fancy stay, give Abha Palace a shot. This hotel promises the guests a pleasing stay, providing an airport shuttle, being only 10 minutes away from Abha Airport, modern spacious rooms, suites with floor to ceiling windows that overlooks the Al-Sad Lake and surrounding mountains and sightseeing tours arrangements.


Top landmarks to visit in Abha

Abha, which is the capital of Asir Province, has the sixth largest population in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is famous for being the highest large city of Saudi Kingdom at over 2 200 meters, with some parts being even around 2 400 meters. 

The city hardly experiences temperatures that exceed 35°C, which turns it into a prominent holiday destination for immigrants that work in Saudi Arabia as well as for the Saudis.

If you are seeking a thrilling winter weather adventure, then you should plan a getaway trip to Jabal Sawda, the highest point in the nation.

Listed as follows, top 10 attractions not to-miss in Abha.

1. The first one is Asir Regional Museum that is situated in the city center next to the Emira Palace that was built according to Asir architectural tradition. This museum tells the long history of Abha and Asir Province and exhibits some of the province’s traditional handicrafts, together with antiquities of Asir Province.

2. Al-Muftaha Museum is your second top sight. It is situated only a few hundred meters from the Al-Muftaha Village. It is considered as a cultural center built according to the standards of Asir traditional architecture. It consists of a hall of plastic arts and shops where the handicrafts are sold.

3. Then, you can visit Shada Palace, which was built in 1927 and was formerly considered as the headquarters of the Emira of Asir Province. It represents an excellent example of the traditional architecture of south Arabia that is being renovated into a museum displaying old planting and household tools, coins, several manuscripts and photographs of life in Abha in the second half of last century.

4. Al-Habala Valley or the 'Hanging Village', which takes about 20 minutes' drive to reach from Abha, has only one way to access that was by climbing ropes! The villagers were using the ropes and pulleys as a mode of transport to trade with the nearby town or to bring back items they bought. But at the present time, it is much easier with the cable car connection.

5. The highest peak in Saudi Arabia, standing at 3.3km high, you will be able to locate  Jabal Al-Sooda or Black Mountain. It is the spot for the paragliding competition that is held every summer during the Assir Festival.

  • The origin of Black Mountain's name remains mysterious, but locals assume that the secret behind its name relies on the dark Araar trees that grow all over the mountain and the dark clouds that appear above it.

6. Asir National Park, was set up in 1976, taking up a space of 450,000 hectares of land and sea. It houses Jabal Soodah and the misty mountains with its dense and pristine forests that include a variety of unique floras and faunas. You have various activities in the park, such as, bird watching, hiking, mountain climbing and picnic and camp sites among others.

7. Abha and the close region are packed with a lot of Old Mosques that date back as far as 70 AH (690 CE). Sadrid Mosque, Jahwah Mosque built on the top of Mount Akran in Mana’a, and mosque of Thurban are a couple of the famous mosques.

8. For souvenir shopping, visit Basket Souq or bazaar, which is a treasure trove of colorful handmade baskets from reeds and vinyl made and sold by local women.

9. You will be able to spot Cable Cars in and around the city, that are made up from four networks, and that would transport you to Al-Sooda or Black Mountain, Al-Habala, New Abha and Lake Saad.

10. At a 300 meter height, Abha dam was built on the west of the city to avoid possible flooding. Additionally, the dam has generated a one kilometer long lake with surprising and splendid sceneries in the city.


Plan your itinerary and discover more about your destination through our FAQs

1. What are the average prices for a direct flight from Jeddah to Abha on Saudi Arabian Airlines for Economy class passengers?

Saudia Airline tickets usually range from 182SAR to 287SAR.


2. What is the helpline number of Abha International Airport?

The helpline number of Abha International Airport is +966 07 224 6011.


3. Which hotels in Abha are close to Abha International Airport?

The hotels in Abha that are near Abha International Airport are Abha Airport Hotel, Abha Crown Hotel Suites, Mercure Hotel Khamis Mushayt and Shafa Abha Hotel.


4. What other similar routes does Almosafer provide from Jeddah?

Almosafer provides other routes from Jeddah, like, Jeddah to Cairo, Jeddah to Dammam, Jeddah to Riyadh and Jeddah to Dubai.


5. What are the most famous shopping centres in Abha?

The most well-known shopping malls in Abha are Abha Mall, AlRashid Mall, Aseer Mall, Oasis Shopping mall and Rihana Mall.


6. Does Abha International Airport include duty-free shops?

Yes, you will find duty-free shops at Abha International Airport that sell different types of products.


7. How much does an Economy/Business class ticket cost for Jeddah to Abha non-stop flight on flynas?

The Economy class ticket for Jeddah to Abha flight on flynas costs SAR121. However, the Business class ticket costs 667SAR .


8. What amenities does Abha International Airport provide to the passengers?

Abha International Airport offers different facilities, like, a cafeteria, shops, ATMs, car rent service, a 24-hours lounge, luggage wrapping service and travel agencies.


9. What is the baggage allowance on Saudia for the non-stop flight from Jeddah to Abha for Economy Class passengers?

The baggage allowance on Saudi Arabian Airline for your direct flight from Jeddah to Abha is one checked baggage, and one carry-on luggage of 7kgs in weight.


10. What are the airlines that operate flights from Jeddah to Abha?

The airlines that offer flights from Jeddah to Abha are Saudi Arabian Airlines, flyadeal and flynas.


Disclaimer: All fares are subject to availability at the time of booking.

FAQs About Flights From Jeddah To Abha

  • What is the Main Airport in Abha?

    When you arrive Abha you will be landing in Abha.

  • How Much is the Cheapest Rate for flights back from Jeddah to Abha?

    Best rate for flights from Jeddah to Abha is flyadeal, SaudiGulf Airlines & Flynas.

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