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Quick Facts About Abha

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08:58 PM


Saudi Arabia Kingdom



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19.04 SAR

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10.02 SAR

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Wed 15°C Thu 16°C Fri 15°C Sat 14°C Sun 15°C Mon 14°C Tue 14°C

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Abha … The Bride of the Mountain 

It’s also known as Abha Al-Bahiyeh (The Fascinating Abha), Mist Lady, The City of Fog, Lover of Clouds, and The Bride of Mountain. It's the capital of Aseer Province in the southwest of Saudi Arabia. Abha is blessed with natural beauty that embraces unfairly mesmerizing scenes. Aseer National Park mountains, for instance, are known to be home to birds. And because most scenic views are accompanied with perfect weather, Abha is considered the coolest city in Saudi Arabia. It’s an ideal summer gateway for both locals and tourists.

Why the wait? Feel the breezy wind while strolling around the city's vibrant markets, stone houses, and utterly dazzling landscape. 

Abha Airport

Abha international airport is a relatively small airport, with only one terminal serving domestic and international flights. However, it provides exceptional facilities, including Luggage Wrapping, Mobile Charging Spots, and 24-hour food options. 

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Top Attractions in Abha

  • Abha Dam Lake: A 300-meter Dam built across a one Kilometer long lake. It initially aimed to protect the 3-Kilometer mountains surrounding Abha. Despite the notion that Saudi Arabia is mostly desert, Abha does embrace a splendid beauty. So, allow yourself to feel content watching the green vegetation reflections on the blue water.
  • Asir National Parks: They’re divided into two primary areas, the mountainous and the valleys. Asir Parks, thereby, boasts picnic spots, campsites, and marvelous views.
  • Jabal Thera: It’s also known as Green Mountain for being lit at night with green neon. Jabal Thera is an iconic landmark that is suitable for casual hangouts.
  • Shada Palace: Once was home to the royal family in the 1820s, Shada Palace is today a remarkable museum. Its mud-walled fortress includes household items and local crafts. However, the real highlight of the palace is the traditional architecture. For example, there are barely any windows installed due to privacy purposes. Moreover, its walls are very high, so they would block the sight of the open roof.

Popular Activities to Do in Abha

  • Cable Car Tours: You can’t visit Abha without trying the thrilling Cable Car tours. You’d enjoy the road to the summit at first, then the bird-eye view of Abha upon reaching the top of the mountain. A cable car would also take you to the Rijal Almaa and Al Habala hanging villages. But first, make sure to check the availability of the tours beforehand as they are usually exclusively operating in summer. 
  • Gallery Visits: Find small yet artistic galleries in Abha’s Bohemian arts center, Al Muftaha Village. For 260 years, the village has been a source of inspiration for artists and craftspeople. Murals, bright walls, and colorful and calligraphy work are all on every corner of the village. Small museums on the side are thus intrinsically essential in telling the artistic heritage of the city.

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Plan your Itinerary and Learn About Abha Through our FAQs

Q. Is Abha open for travelers?

A. Saudi Arabia is partially restricted. In other words, travelers need to present either a document proving their vaccination state or a negative PCR test. 

Check the latest travel updates for more details. 

Q. Which airlines have a flexible cancellation policy for flights to Abha due to COVID-19?

A. Saudia and flynas offer full or partial refunds upon cancellation. 

Q. Which airlines apply social distancing measures on flights to Abha due to COVID-19?

Saudia as well as flynas, strictly apply social distancing rules, including always leaving the middle seat empty in planes. 

Q. When is the best time to visit Abha?

A. The summer months (Jun-Sep) are characterized by hot, long, and dry weather as the temperature rises to average highs of 40°C. Hence, Abha flights and hotel prices may cost less than usual.

Q. What are the best restaurants in Abha?

A. For top-notch fine dining restaurants, try Assalam Palace Hotel Restaurant. It’s a Middle Eastern restaurant where you can enjoy authentic dishes in a lovely atmosphere. Moreover, if you're craving seafood, Al Sinara is here to grant your wishes. 

For budget-friendly restaurants, try The Burger’s Origin. In a nutshell, you can choose between several cuisines based on your mood, preferences, and budget.

Disclaimer: All fares are subject to availability at the time of booking.

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FAQ for Flight To Abha

  • What is the approx cost for food in Abha?

    The approx food cost in Abha is 19.04 SAR

  • What is the approx cost for transportation in Abha?

    The approx cost for transportation in Abha is 10.02 SAR

  • What is the cheapest day to book flights to Abha?

    The cheapest day to book flights to Abha is Wednesday.

  • What is the most pricey day to book a flight to Abha?

    The most expensive/costliest day to book a flight is Sunday.

  • What is the prime airport name in Abha?

    The prime airport name in Abha is Abha