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Travel and COVID-19 Update

Your safety is on top of our priorities, therefore, we are doing our best to look towards life after the gravest of the COVID-19 and not affect your plans. Check latest Covid-19 travel update for Saudi Arabia.

Jeddah-A Metropolis of diverse cultures

Jeddah is a popular and historically rich city, with a variety of interesting activities, culture-filled festivals and events, and commercial centers, making the perfect balance between old and current lifestyles. The population of Jeddah is approximately 4.1 million, therefore it is the second-largest city after Riyadh, it is also known as the bride of the red sea because of its location along the eastern coast of the Red Sea. It serves as the main gate for the pilgrims to perform Umrah and Haj.

Jeddah is the commercial center of Saudi Arabia and the main port that lies close to the Suez Canal which makes it the popular stop-off for ships. Jeddah also collects the financial imports from Saudi Arabia cities, especially Mecca and Medina which makes it a financial hub along with having the most significant business centers in the country. It is also known as the arty city which has the best art galleries, such as Hafiz Gallery, Athar Gallery, and Rochan Gallery.

The weather in summer can be extremely hot while the temperature in winter is warm, rain usually falls in December, so we advise you that the winter season which is from November to March is considered the best time to visit Jeddah.

Jeddah does not have any public transport, so you have two options, renting a car or taking an Uber or Careem rides and both accept cash.

A close look of Jeddah’s Main Airport 

The main airport of Jeddah is King Abdulaziz International Airport (IATA: JED, ICAO: OEJN), It is the most important airport that is the gateway for hajj and umrah to the Holy Mosque in Makkah, It’s 510,000 square meters in size and can accommodate 80,000 passengers.

Transportation in Riyadh City

You can choose to travel on local transportation, book a taxi, or book car rental in Riyadh with Almosafer at very affordable rate starting from SAR 95. 

Jeddah has an abundance of majestic attraction places 

The city of movement that never sleeps, it offers a variety of places you must see in Jeddah and explore from the richness of its past and the historical and archeological landmarks to the modern-lively city and its beaches, parks, and art galleries. 

We present to you places to visit in Jeddah, such as, in modern Jeddah we have:

Jeddah Corniche, located along the coast of the Red Sea, makes you catch the charming view and the beauty of the beach, the sunset, and sunrise along with the sound of the running waves. 

King Fahd's Fountain, also known as Jeddah Fountain which considered as the tallest fountain in the world with a height of 853 feet above the sea.

Floating Mosque commonly called Al-Rahma Mosque and White Mosque, surrounded by the sea. It is one of the must-sees in Jeddah especially during the ebb and flows as you will feel it looks like it is floating. The mosque is a mix of modern and old architecture and Islamic art.

Fakieh Aquarium is a wonderful place that makes you experience the underwater environment of the Red Sea as it represents home to over 200 species of sea animals.


In the old Jeddah we have:

Al-Balad is one of the oldest areas in Jeddah, so you will be fond of the old buildings from the inside and outside that it houses several museums, neighborhoods, and historic mosques, such as Uthman ibn Affanz, Souk Al-Jamaa, and Al-Mazloum neighborhood.

Abdul Raouf Khalil Museum, Located in the downtown district, is a home of a large collection of artifacts belonging to the Ottoman Turks. 

Khuzam Palace Museum, Located in southern Jeddah, was converted into a museum in 1995 that consists of 6 exhibits artifacts from pre-Islamic cultures along with some pieces from the stone age.


Best Malls in Jeddah

Jeddah has a variety of unique and exceptional malls that you will be fond of, many of them made in historical buildings and others are designed in traditional colors and architecture.

They are aligned with all types of people, you can live the experience in Red Sea Mall, Aziz Mall, or Boulevard and enjoy roaming in the stores and discover the brands and great sales. However, if you want to spend time with your family you can try Stars Avenue Mall or Al-Balad Shopping Area. Other malls offer plenty of fun for children, you will be able to play and enjoy your time with your children in the playgrounds or playrooms like Mall of Arabia or Serafi Mega Mall.

Make the most out of your stay in one of the remarkable Jeddah hotels

Almosafer offers the best deals and packages for 165 hotels that suit all the categories of people, 

Whether you are looking for a luxurious stay or a beach life with all the superb facilities, you will find Park Hyatt Jeddah - Marina, Club and Spa with an infinity pool overlooking the Red Sea, and you will easily reach Jeddah Corniche and King Fahad Fountain. You can also stay in Rosewood Jeddah that features a panoramic Red Sea views and a rooftop swimming pool and be near Fakieh Aquarium and Al Shallal Theme Park.

However, if you want a mid-stay hotel and to be closer to the center of Jeddah, you can stay in Centro Shaheen Jeddah by Rotana and be nearby Haifa Mall, Crystal Hall, and Souq Al Alawi. Also, have a stay in Ascott Tahlia Jeddah and easily catch Athr Gallery, Coral Mall and, N2 Mall. 

If you are on a tight budget and want to enjoy your trip, try Dar Al Wedad Hotel that is 1.7 km only from Mall of Arabia and 4 km from Rawaea Almaktabat Park. Additionally, you can stay in Al Eairy Furnished Apartments- Jeddah 2 and be close to Al Andalus Mall and Jeddah Mall.

But if this is your first time to visit Jeddah and want to experience the city at its best, we would like to recommend you the top picks hotels in Jeddah, such as The Hotel Galleria By Elaf, Mira Waterfront Hotel Jeddah and Boudl Al Tahlia

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FAQs About Jeddah Hotels

  • What is the average cost for a cheap hotel in Jeddah?

    It is easy to book cheap hotels in Jeddah with high quality service through our website. Almosafer offers the best hotels in Jeddah at great rates. Enjoy your stay in any of Jeddah’s cheap hotels in the best areas of the city. The average price for a cheap hotel is 565.72 SAR per night.

  • When is the Best Time to Travel to Jeddah?

    The best time to travel to Jeddah is in March & February because you will get to enjoy the activities in Jeddah.

  • What is the Average Cost of Food in Jeddah?

    Food in Jeddah will be costing around 20.00 SAR.

  • When is the Best Time to Book Hotels in Jeddah?

    The best time to book hotels in Jeddah is in December since the rates will be at its best.

  • What is the Currency of Jeddah?

    Jeddah is dealing in SAR, so make sure to budget your home currency accordingly to SAR rate.

  • What is the Average Rate Per Night for Hotels in Jeddah?

    The average rate per night in Jeddah is 565.72 SAR.

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