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About flynas

FlyNas, Book one way, round trip, or multi destinations on FlyNas airlines! You can also book FlyNas Economy Class, and Business Class air ticket, get discounts and special airfares, with Almosafer easily find year-round discounts on FlyNas flights to all routes and destinations.

About FlyNas (History)

FlyNas is one of the leading airlines in Saudi Arabia. It is a low-cost carrier for domestic and international flights that was launched back in 2007. FlyNas was considered Saudi Arabia’s first and only budget airlines, and it is headquartered in Al Salam Centre in Riyadh. FlyNas Airlines operates more than 900 flights weekly to many destinations in Saudi Arabia and around the world. Among their most popular destinations are; Riyadh, Dubai, Kuwait, and Turkey. FlyNas aims at providing their clients with outstanding services at great prices. They know that travelling is an astonishing thing that everybody should try, that is why they make it their job to make travelling easy for everyone. FlyNas Airways has successfully served more than 32 million passengers, a number that is still growing until this moment. FlyNas airline code is XY.

Flynas Fleet Information

FlyNas has a fleet of 30 aircraft that consist solely of Airbus A320 aircraft. The aircraft has two configurations; Economy and Business classes and a seating capacity of 164 passengers. It is known that Airbus A320 aircraft are among the bestselling passenger carriers in the world, that is why FlyNAS has chosen this model to be their only carrier. In 2013 the company has received Airbus A320 with Sharklet specifications to reduce carbon emissions and fuel consumption. Moreover, in 2013 FlyNas aircraft has adopted a modern identity to improve and invest in enhancing their fleet and introduce a brand new cabin for business class.

Why Fly With Nas Airlines?

Flynas (also known as Nas airlines) quickly became popular among travellers for many reasons:

  • Low airfares.

  • Exciting destinations.

  • Best on-time performance.

Inflight Entertainment

Booking a FlyNas flight ticket gives you the chance to enjoy many of their inflight services. For example; you will be able to choose your meal from a menu of fresh sandwiches and snacks. In addition, hot and cold drinks and premium confectionery are served on the plane. You could also pre-order your meal online and select your dish from a range of mouthwatering local cuisines.

Inflight shopping is another inflight service that FlyNas Airlines booking provides; you can buy the best gift for your loved ones from the comfort of your seat. Just choose what you want from FlyNas Skysales catalogue and your order will be delivered to you in no time.

In-flight Magazine

To entertain the passengers, FlyNas offers a unique and interesting publication. In FlyNas magazine you can find information about interesting destinations in the region. Discover the best places to eat and the best hotels to stay! Plenty of tips on what to buy and upcoming events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book my flights on FlyNas airlines using Sadad?

Yes! At Almosafer we provide multiple payment methods for the convenience of our customers and Sadad is one of them. You can pay for your bookings on FlyNas or any other airline using Sadad

Can I Take Zamzam Water On FlyNas Flights?

There are few regulations and guidelines for traveling with Zamzam water.

  • For domestic flights within KSA, travelers will not be charged if the water container is only one 5 liters container and is included in their hold baggage allowance. Else the charge will be 40 SAR for one piece of 5 liters and 80 SAR for 1 piece of 10 liters.

  • Passengers travelling from Jeddah, Taif or Madinah are allowed one 5 liter container on top of their hold baggage allowance.

Can I fly with my newborn on a FlyNas flight?

Yes however, infants less than 8 days are not allowed to travel on our flights.

Can I choose my seat on FlyNas airlines?

Yes you can. Simply contact us to help you further. But please note that there are some exceptions. The FlyNas seating policy states that, passengers who have special needs or those travelling with infants or children, or elderly cannot be seated in the exit row in case of an emergency.

How to find low fares and buy online air tickets for FlyNas?

  • Select FlyNas Economy class as your preferred class of travel.

  • You can compare other airlines fares for the same travel date and destination, this can save your money.

  • For discounted airfares you can book in advance, most of the airlines provide these fares early up to 3 months of your travel date.

  • In order to get very cheap airfare you should book in advance and go through low seasons or off peak times.

How many family members I can book together?

  • A maximum of 9 passengers can be accommodated in a booking, but you can easily make multiple separate bookings.

  • For a group of travellers of more than 9 we suggest you call us, we can help you with the group booking.

Are there any limits on infant travellers?

Yes, the number of infants is not allowed to be more than number of adult passengers in a single booking

How many days in advance I can book a flight?

You can book flights almost 11 months in advance on FlyNas airlines. But according to our booking data and experience, we suggest you start planning your trip 3 months in advance.

Can I save money if I book early for FlyNas?

  • Yes, it is possible but depends on FlyNas offers. Early bookings can save you money and in general, the fare becomes higher when you book shortly before your travel date.

How to get discounts on last minutes bookings on Flynas?

For last minute flight ticket deals, please register with our loyalty program to get benefits. We have negotiated special fares which are published by FlyNas exclusive for our online registered loyal customers

Why choose Almosafer for FlyNas booking?

  • You can collect our loyalty program points, which you can use for your next vacation booking, Click here to register.

  • From time to time we also have discount coupons for online flight bookings. Always check your email, as we generally send discount coupons via emails.

  • We have great customer service available for you. Calls us, or visit one of our branches to get any information or assistance you need.

  • With Almosafer, book online and get tickets while relaxing at home. We have a safe and secure online payment options.

  • Almosafer is the only travel bookings website where you can change or cancel your bookings 100% online.

Can I book Airport transfers through your website?

Yes, you can book airport to hotel transfer through website. Click here to book airport to hotel transfer.

flynas services for Economy Class and Business Class

Economy Class

  • Starbucks coffee onboard along with several food options

  • Main course meals need to be purchased and ordered online 24 hours before departure

  • Onboard flight services for snacks and beverages are all charged

Business Class

  • Alter flights up to three hours before departure without a penalty

  • Even when you cancel a flight, the fee of SAR 150 gets credited to your next travel ticket with flynas

  • Hot meals

  • Lounge access at the airport

  • Versatile seats

flynas Baggage Allowance

Economy class travellers could check-in 1 bag weighing 20 kg at most; however, they can also buy excess baggage weight while booking FlyNas tickets. Business class travellers could check in 2 bags of maximum weight 25kg each, they can also buy excess weight while booking their FlyNas airline tickets.

The maximum luggage weight for a FlyNas economy class is 1 bag weighing no more than 20kg.

  • The maximum luggage weight for a FlyNas economy class is 1 bag weighing no more than 30kg, in case of traveling to Cairo.

  • The maximum luggage weight for FlyNas business passengers is 2 bags weighing no more than 25kg per piece.

  • The maximum weight for a carry-on bag for all passengers is 7kg.

Delayed, Lost Or Damaged Luggage

Passengers are expected to collect their luggage on arrival to their destination. Delay in picking up luggage may result in charging storage fees. If for any reason the baggage was not collected within 3 months from the date it was made available it may be disposed of. If you cannot find your baggage, please speak to one of the FlyNas representatives in their airport to fill in the required forms for lost luggage.

Flying With Sports Equipment

Every passenger is allowed up to 32 KG of well-packaged sports equipment that must be paid for and will not be part of the normal baggage allowance. Passengers can get discounts on sports equipment luggage in case of prepayments.

flynas Check-in Information

Online checking is a great option for travellers. It’s a cosier and time-saving option and also allows travellers enough time to pick their seats, choose their meal and make decisions about any other in-flight features they may want to consider.
After receiving their e-ticket, travellers can finish your check-in online anytime between 48 hours to 6 hours before the flight departure time. Travellers should print their boarding pass (which is a QR code) as a hard copy or keep a copy of it on their mobile phones.

Airport Check In

The check-in counter opens 5 hours and up to 45 minutes prior to the flight departure time. Travellers opting for airport check-in should make sure they arrive on time before the counter is closed. Travellers with group booking should arrive at least 4 hours before the flight departure time.

FAQs for Flynas

  • Does Flynas allow web check-in?

    Yes, Flynas allows web check-in.

  • Does Flynas provide online seat selection?

    Yes, Flynas offers online seat selection at a nominal fee or free. It depends on your flight booking.

  • How many routes does Flynas service in total/as overall?

    The total number of routes serviced by Flynas is 86.

  • What is the airline code for Flynas?

    The airline code for Flynas is XY.

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