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Travel and COVID-19 Update

Your safety is on top of our priorities, therefore, we are doing our best to look towards life after the gravest of the COVID-19 and not affect your plans. Check latest Covid-19 travel update for Saudi Arabia.

Al-Khobar - The Commercial Heart of Saudi Arabia

Al Khobar is one of three main cities in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and one of the largest cities in the Gulf Cooperation Council, which is located about 17 kilometers south of Dammam, along the western coast of the Arabian Gulf close to Dammam and Dhahran with a population of 219,679 people. 

For years, Al-Khobar was a small port on the Arabian Gulf, inhabited mainly by fishermen. With the discovery of oil, the city transformed into an internationally famous and beautiful resort and has become the commercial hub of the Eastern Province. It is also known for its modern malls, numerous skyscrapers, arts, pearl diving heritage, fine hotels, picturesque corniche, natural landscapes, parks, and beautiful beaches.

You can book your hotel in Al-Khobar through Almosafer and get to know the best time to visit Al-Khobar to enjoy seeing the attractions and exploring the city. 

Al-Khobar has a desert climate. It’s a year-round destination, but the weather can be searingly hot and humid in the summer (Jun-Aug) and the temperature reaches 45°C and higher. Accordingly, in this season you will find the cheapest hotel prices in Al-Khobar. However, winter (Nov- Mar) is considered the best time to visit the city as this period brings an amazingly cool and pleasant climate and the temperature regularly drops to as low as 8°C.


Al-Khobar airport

King Fahd International Airport (IATA: DMM, ICAO: OEDF) is the largest airport in the world and the busiest airport in Saudi Arabia, which is located 60 km north of Al-Khobar. It consists of three terminals that can handle up to 9,567,000 passengers. There are several ways to go around from the airport, for instance, there is a bus service that offers routes to various destinations or you can take a taxi as it costs from $60 to $80 and takes 37 mins or you can take an Uber ride which costs also from $60 to $80 and takes 37 mins.

Transportation in Al Khobar City

You can choose to travel on local transportation, book a taxi, or book car rental in Al Khobar with Almosafer at very affordable rate starting from SAR 95. 

Have an exciting tour and visit the top attractions in Al-Khobar

King Fahad Causeway is one of the most expensive bridges in the world which links the Kingdom to Bahrain and runs for twenty-five kilometers. There is a man-made island at the midway point of the causeway that provides incredible views of the surrounding ocean.

King Abdul-Aziz Center of world culture, also known as iThra, is one of the most significant landmarks of the country, located in Dhahran and covers an area of 80,000 square meters. It is a catalyst for creativity and an Oasis of knowledge which houses a museum, children's museum, library, cinema, theater, and exhibition halls.

Corniche Al-Khobar, a waterfront promenade, is an extension of Half Moon Bay through Aziza beach, where you can spend your day with your family and enjoy a marvelous view across the glistening waters.

Coral Island, also known as Al-Marjan Island, offers amusement rides, a swimming pool, dolphin and seal shows.


Discover the best hotels in Al-Khobar

We would like to meet all your banking needs, so we’ve picked you the best budget hotels in Al-Khobar such as Radisson Blu Hotel, Dhahran which is only 0.4 km from Dharan Mall and 1.6 km from Al Rashid Mall. As well as, Al Gosaibi Hotel that is 1.1 km from Seef Hall and 1.4 km from Al Khobar Corniche.

Make the most out of your trip with a stay at one of the luxury hotels in Al-Khobar such as Kempinski Al Othman Hotel Al Khobar, which is 5.4 km Lulu Park and 6.8 km from Dharan Mall. Additionally, Le Meridien Al Khobar is 3 km away from Gold Souk (Gold Market) and the Half Moon Bay.

A stay with a sea view is a must, so we've curated our favorite beachfront hotels such as Mövenpick Beach Resort Al Khobar, which is 8.8 km from Sunset Marina and 11 km from Half Moon Bay. Also, Dana Beach Resort is a good choice as it is 1.3 km from Alkhaleej Makarim Village and 4.2 km from Half Moon Bay.

If you want a mid-stay hotel and to be closer to the center of Al-Khobar, you can stay in Intercontinental Al Khobar, which is only 2.6 km from Rahmaniyah Mall Al Khobar and 1.5 from Seef Hall, or Massara House 3 for Singles which is only 2.2 km from Al Khobar Corniche and 13 km from Sunset Marina.


FAQs about Al-Khobar hotels

1- What are the best budget hotels in Al-Khobar that have a pool?

The best budget hotels in Al-Khobar with a pool include Al Nimran Hotel, Holiday Inn Al Khobar and Boudl Al-Khobar.


2- What are the finest hotels in Al Khobar that offer kids activities?

Kids can enjoy a variety of activities at Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham Al Khobar, Crowne Plaza Al Khobar and Mövenpick Hotel Al Khobar.

3- Which hotels in Al-Khobar have pleasant scenery?

Le Meridien Al Khobar, Holiday Inn Al Khobar - Corniche and Sofitel Al Khobar The Corniche provide a great view.


4- What are the best family-friendly hotels in Al-Khobar?

Many families visiting Al Khobar loved staying at Kempinski Al Othman Hotel Al KhobarIntercontinental Al Khobar and Le Meridien Al Khobar.


5- What are the top most hotels near Half Moon Beach?

The most popular hotels near Half Moon Beach are Crowne Plaza Al Khobar, Holiday Inn Resort Half Moon Bay and Radisson Blu Hotel, Dhahran.


6- How much does a night cost in Al-Khobar hotels?

If you choose to stay in a 3-star hotel, you will pay per night a rate that starts from 127SAR, and for a 4-star hotel, you get to pay 175SAR as a start. For a 5-star hotel, the rate will start from 312SAR.


7- Which hotels in Al Khobar have a restaurant on-site?

The popular hotels in Al-Khobar that have a restaurant on-site are Holiday Inn Al Khobar, Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham Al Khobar and Al Nimran Hotel

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FAQs About Al Khobar Hotels

  • What is the average cost for a cheap hotel in Al Khobar?

    It is easy to book cheap hotels in Al Khobar with high quality service through our website. Almosafer offers the best hotels in Al Khobar at great rates. Enjoy your stay in any of Al Khobar’s cheap hotels in the best areas of the city. The average price for a cheap hotel is 458.92 SAR per night.

  • When is the Best Time to Travel to Al Khobar?

    The best time to travel to Al Khobar is in April & June because you will get to enjoy the activities in Al Khobar.

  • What is the Average Cost of Food in Al Khobar?

    Food in Al Khobar will be costing around 25.00 SAR.

  • When is the Best Time to Book Hotels in Al Khobar?

    The best time to book hotels in Al Khobar is in November since the rates will be at its best.

  • What is the Currency of Al Khobar?

    Al Khobar is dealing in SAR, so make sure to budget your home currency accordingly to SAR rate.

  • What is the Average Rate Per Night for Hotels in Al Khobar?

    The average rate per night in Al Khobar is 458.92 SAR.

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