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Travel and COVID-19 Update

Your safety is on top of our priorities, therefore, we are doing our best to look towards life after the gravest of the COVID-19 and not affect your plans. Check latest Covid-19 travel update for Saudi Arabia.

The Pride of Eastern Saudi Arabia

Dammam is the capital of The Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, the largest city in the Eastern region and the sixth-largest in Saudi Arabia that covers about 300 square miles, with a population of 4.140 million.

Dammam is a major administrative center for the Saudi oil industry and a commercial hub which makes it one of the most oil-rich regions. It is also a travel hub for the eastern part of the country and the main gateway to the Persian Gulf. Dammam is home to some of the most pleasant green spaces, stunning deserts, man-made Coral Island, sandy beaches, fine dining and parks. It is also one of the most famous places in the region for residence for a long time in the past because of the discovery of many ancient artifacts in Rakah. 

Book hotels in Dammam with Almosafer and get to know the best time to visit the city. Dammam has a hot desert climate. The weather in summer (Jun-Aug) can be extremely hot and humid and the temperature reaches 45°C and higher. Those who don’t mind the heat will find the best deals for Dammam hotel prices. However, winter (Nov- Mar) is amazingly cool and pleasant as the temperature regularly drops to as low as 8°C, so we advise you with the best time to visit the city in winter to get the chance to enjoy the best of what the city has to offer.


Dammam airport

King Fahd International Airport (IATA: DMM, ICAO: OEDF) is the largest airport in the world which is located 20 kilometers northwest of Dammam with a total area of 780 square kilometers. It consists of three-terminals that can handle up to 9,567,000 passengers.

Transportation in Dammam City

You can choose to travel on local transportation, book a taxi, or hire a car in Dammam with Almosafer at very affordable rate starting from SAR 95. 

Look over the most popular places to see in Dammam

Dammam Corniche, which is located on the Arabian Gulf and considered as undoubtedly the city's top attraction, where you can enjoy the beautifully landscaped gardens and wonderful walkways.

Tarout Castle is a historic castle which is located 25 km north of Dammam on Tarout Island of the city of Al Qatif. It is a small island containing a number of fascinating historical sights that date back to the 16th century.

Dolphin Village, located on Al-Marjan Island where you can spend a fun day out with the family. It enables guests to watch both; an ocean lion appears and a dolphin appears.

King Fahd Park, is one of the largest parks in the Eastern Province. It offers plenty of activities and things to do, such as playgrounds for children, a number of delicious restaurants, waterfalls, amusement rides, and a theater.

Dammam Regional Museum, located on a portion of the Dammam Public Library, consists of six exhibition halls where we can see the fascinating archeological history of humankind, and of the pre-Islamic and Islamic eras.

In addition to that, Dammam has a wide array of shopping areas where you will have an exciting experience. With its perfect combination of old-style markets and modern shopping malls, you will find anything you would need, such as Marina Mall, Al Shatea Mall, Al Hayat Plaza, Oasis Trade Center, Women's Complex Market and Othaim Mall. Also, whether you’re searching for a local dish or something from around the world, there are many places to eat in Dammam, which serve all kinds of cuisines.


Where to stay in Dammam

Get to live the experience in the best hotels in Dammam that bear the names of famous international chains which offers high-quality services and facilities, such as Sheraton Dammam Hotel & Convention Centre, which is about one km from Al Dammam Corniche and Novotel Dammam Business Park, that is 2.4 km from King Fahad Park.

Even so, if you want to book budget-friendly hotels in Dammam, Almosafer offers a selection of the best hotels that suit your needs and your budgets such as Boudl Al Shatea, that is 1.6 km from Marina Mall Dammam and 5.5 km from Saihat Lake. As well as, Sofi Hotel which is 0.3 from Dareen Mall and 4.3 km from Marina Mall Dammam.

However, if this is the first time for you to visit Dammam we would love to suggest to you the most booked hotels such as Dammam Palace Hotel, which is a 5-minute to the city center and Golden Tulip Dammam Corniche Hotel, that is about 1 km away from Marina Mall Dammam and close to Al Shatea Mall and King Fahad Park.


FAQs about Dammam hotels

1- How much does it cost to stay in Dammam hotels this weekend?

The price for a 3-star hotel this weekend would start from 352SAR, and for a 4-star hotel, the prices can begin with 526SAR, but if you chose a 5-star hotel, the rate can start with 897SAR.


2- What are the top most hotels in Dammam near Marina Mall Dammam?

The top most hotels near marina Mall Dammam are Lavona Hotel Dammam, Ramada by Wyndham Dammam Khaleej Road and Swiss International Al Hamra Hotel.


3- What are the best ideal hotels in Dammam that offer kids activities?

Kids will enjoy an array of activities at Gulf Park Hotel Apartment and Watheer Hotel Suite


4- What are the best hotels in Dammam with spa facilities?

Johnson Cornich Hotel - Dammam, Sheraton Dammam Hotel & Convention Centre and Ramada by Wyndham Dammam Khaleej Road are some of the hotels that offer spa facilities.


5- What are the most popular hotels in Dammam? 

The most popular hotels in Dammam are Sheraton Dammam Hotel & Convention Centre, Novotel Dammam Business Park, and Tulip Inn Suites and Residence Dammam.


6- What are the finest hotels in Dammam near Marjan Island?

You can have a fine stay at Johnson Cornich Hotel - Dammam, Sheraton Dammam Hotel & Convention Centre and Best Western Dammam Hotel and be near Marjan Island.


7- What are the best hotels near Dammam airport?

The most popular hotels near Dammam airport are Lavona 2 Hotel Apartments, Rest Home Hotel Apartments Dammam and Sofi Hotel.


8- What are the most popular cheap hotels in Dammam with a 4-star rating?

The most popular cheap hotels with a 4-star rating are Dammam Palace Hotel, Golden Tulip Dammam Corniche Hote and Tulip Inn Suites and Residence Dammam.

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FAQs About Dammam Hotels

  • What is the average cost for a cheap hotel in Dammam?

    It is easy to book cheap hotels in Dammam with high quality service through our website. Almosafer offers the best hotels in Dammam at great rates. Enjoy your stay in any of Dammam’s cheap hotels in the best areas of the city. The average price for a cheap hotel is 312.29 SAR per night.

  • When is the Best Time to Travel to Dammam?

    The best time to travel to Dammam is in April & January because you will get to enjoy the activities in Dammam.

  • What is the Average Cost of Food in Dammam?

    Food in Dammam will be costing around 20.00 SAR.

  • When is the Best Time to Book Hotels in Dammam?

    The best time to book hotels in Dammam is in November since the rates will be at its best.

  • What is the Currency of Dammam?

    Dammam is dealing in SAR, so make sure to budget your home currency accordingly to SAR rate.

  • What is the Average Rate Per Night for Hotels in Dammam?

    The average rate per night in Dammam is 312.29 SAR.

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