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Book Cheap Flights to Sharm El Sheikh

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Quick Facts About Sharm El Sheikh

Local Time


07:38 PM





Based on Affordable Restaurant

19.38 SAR

Public Transport

One-way Ticket

0.6 SAR

Average temperature



Weather for the next 7 days

Thu 30°C Fri 30°C Sat 29°C Sun 29°C Mon 31°C Tue 32°C Wed 31°C

About Sharm El Sheikh

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Travel Updates

Check out the latest travel, safety and entry requirements for Egypt.

Stay in Sharm El Sheikh… The City of Peace

Your trip to Egypt shouldn’t be limited to the pyramids and Cairo’s other significant landmarks. Egypt’s unique location allowed it to provide diverse types of tourism. In other words, Sharm El Sheikh, meaning Bay of the Sheikh, is an Egyptian resort town situated between the Red Sea and the desert of the Sinai Peninsula. While the underwater beauty and sandy beaches define the city, it also bursts with stunning attractions and thrilling activities.  However, years ago, before rediscovering Sharm El Sheikh, it wasn't a popular destination due to its hot weather. Hence, spring and fall are the best seasons as the average temperature is around 25°C. Summer is out of the question. Yet, in case you have no other choice, the heat won't hinder you from enjoying the Red Sea warm water.

It's diving time! Swim with sea species and coral reefs in Sharm El Sheikh crystal-clear water.

Sharm El Sheikh Airport

Located on the Red Sea coast, Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport (SSH/HESH) is the second major airport in Egypt. It serves many cities besides Cairo, mainly in Europe and the Middle East.  Therefore, it’s equipped with all the needed facilities, including public catering, currency exchange offices, disability access, and car rent services. Booking tickets to Sharm El Sheikh is effortless with Almosafer. You have the choice between several flights to Sharm El Sheikh provided by various airlines, such as Egypt Air, Etihad Airways, and Emirates

Baggage Guides of Popular Airlines Flying to Sharm El Sheikh 

When booking your tickets to Sharm El Sheikh, it's wise to consider the baggage allowance of each airline.

Popular Attractions to Visit in Sharm El Sheikh

  • Na'ama Bay: It’s a popular hangout spot with a bunch of restaurants on the palm tree-lined boulevard.
  • Ras Muhammad National Park: The park visitors know firsthand that swimming alongside sharks is nothing dangerous. Ras Muhammed is a major diving destination in Sharm El Sheikh with its gorgeous Yolanda reefs and marine life. For those who like to chill, the park’s picturesque scenery, either on the Shark Observatory cliff or the peninsula's desert, should be your favorite spot.
  • Old Market: It's the most authentic spot in Sharm El Sheikh. Spare a couple of hours to explore its alleys and take a look at the traditional goods. Shops sell everything a tourist could search for in Egypt. Starting from tobacco, herbs, and spices, to jewelry, clothing, and leather products, buying souvenirs for your family and friends was never that hassle-free. 
  • SOHO Square: It’s a vast entertainment & shopping center. Its family-friendly activities are the reason it’s on almost every itinerary to Sharm El Sheikh.

Popular Activities to Do in Sharm El Sheikh 

  • Sightseeing: Landmarks such as Al Mustafa Mosque, Hollywood Sharm El Sheikh, and The Heavenly Cathedral deserve a visit too. 
  • Safari: Horse Riding, Mountain Bike, and Backpacking are the ultimate way to feel the Bedouin vibes of the desert.
  • Tours: Helicopter and Balloon, Submarine, and Day Tours are always available for booking. 

Top Hotels in Sharm El Sheikh 

Plan your Itinerary and Learn About Sharm El Sheikh Through our FAQs

Q. Can I travel to Sharm El Sheikh nowadays in light of the Coronavirus outbreak?

A. Egypt is open to travelers. However, there are certain restrictions, such as presenting a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test. Ultimately, ensure to check all the necessary guidelines before planning your trip. 

Q. How long does it take to fly to Sharm El Sheikh?

A. The flight duration from Riyadh to Sharm El Sheikh is approximately 2 hours and 25 minutes. 

Q. Which airlines have a flexible cancellation policy for flights to Sharm El Sheikh due to COVID-19?

A. Egypt Air and Etihad Airways have specific rules concerning full or partial refunds.

Q. Which airlines apply social distancing measures on flights to Sharm El Sheikh due to COVID-19?

A. Etihad Airways firmly applies social distancing rules, such as blocking the middle seat on planes. 

Q. Where to eat in Sharm El Sheikh?

A. Rangoli is an outshining Indian restaurant with a romantic ambiance that would take you to another world. For Sala Thai, you will get to enjoy the gorgeous view and the delicious dishes alike. For El Kababgy, it’s a local cuisine exclusively for grilled Egyptian dishes.

Moreover, Fish Market is the most popular place to get seafood in Sharm El Sheikh. You will be surprised by the wide array of fish kinds, which most of them aren’t easy to find elsewhere. 

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FAQ for Flight To Sharm El Sheikh

  • What is the approx cost for food in Sharm El Sheikh?

    The approx food cost in Sharm El Sheikh is 19.38 SAR

  • What is the approx cost for transportation in Sharm El Sheikh?

    The approx cost for transportation in Sharm El Sheikh is 0.60 SAR

  • What is the cheapest day to book flights to Sharm El Sheikh?

    The cheapest day to book flights to Sharm El Sheikh is Monday.

  • What is the most pricey day to book a flight to Sharm El Sheikh?

    The most expensive/costliest day to book a flight is Saturday.

  • What is the prime airport name in Sharm El Sheikh?

    The prime airport name in Sharm El Sheikh is Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport

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