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Established in May 1932, EgyptAir is the second largest African carrier after South African Airways. It is the flag carrier airline of Egypt, starting commercial operations with the Spartan Cruiser flying from Cairo to Alexandria.

EgyptAir airline headquarters is at Cairo International Airport, which is the main hub, operating scheduled flights and cargo services to more than 80 destinations in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. 

The airline is a member of Star Alliance and the Arab Air Carriers Organization.

EGYPTAIR Baggage Allowance

If you already made up your mind about your trip and decided where you want to spend your holiday, then your last step is to figure out how many bags you can carry for your flight and what is the allowed weight on EgyptAir. Thus, Almosafer created for you a guide for EgyptAir 2019/2020 baggage policy which you can easily check through our website.

  • EgyptAir devotes its services ​​​for your safety and comfort, so it provides baggage allowances for each class of service for international and domestic routes.

EgyptAir Checked Baggage and Hand Luggage

EgyptAir has different classes for which each class the baggage allowances differ.

Adult and children passengers for International routes

  • If you have booked your flight whether on First or Business classes, the number of pieces of checked luggage you are permitted to carry depends on your fare rules.
  • Baggage should not exceed 32kgs in weight, and 158cms in size.
  • You are allowed to carry 2 pieces of hand luggage that do not exceed 8kgs.
  • If you booked your flight on Economy Class, the number of pieces of luggage you are allowed to bring depends on your fare rules.
  • Baggage should be 23kgs max in weight and 158cms max in size.
  • You are also permitted to have only 1 piece of hand baggage with a max weight of 8kgs.


For infants

  • Your infant is allowed to have on all classes except for USA and Canada flights, 1 piece of luggage that should not exceed 10kgs in weight and 115cms in size, besides having 1 fold-up collapsible stroller.
  • Your infant is permitted to have on all classes to/from USA and Canada flights, 1 piece of luggage not exceeding 23kgs in weight and 115cms in size, plus 1 fold-up collapsible stroller.


Adult and children passengers for Domestic routes

  • If you have decided to fly on First Class or Business Class, you are allowed to bring 1 piece of baggage with max weight of 32kgs and max dimensions of 158cms.
  • You can bring as well 2 pieces of hand luggage that do not exceed 8kgs in weight.
  • If you booked your flight on Economy Class, you are permitted to carry 1 piece of baggage not exceeding 23kgs in weight and 158cms in size, and 1 piece of hand carry bag with max weight of 8kgs.


For infants

  • Your infant is allowed to have 1 piece of baggage with max weight of 10kgs and max dimensions of 115 cm and 1 fold-up collapsible stroller.

*To check the rest of the classes for EgyptAir tickets, you can go to EgyptAir page.


EgyptAir Extra Baggage

  • If you are carrying excess baggage or special items over your free allowance, you need to know what steps you need to take before your flight.
  • Please arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes before your flight departure scheduled time as acceptance of carriage is subject to space availability.
  • The following table shows extra baggage charges for certain routes and how much does it cost to purchase excess baggage allowance whether through the airport or EgyptAir call centre and website:

Flights between


Airport Rate per piece

Call Centre and Website rate per piece


Washington/Toronto/New York




Middle East plus Khartoum and Juba



Europe including Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria excluding Istanbul






Far East excluding Guangzhou 






Lebanon and Jordan



Africa excluding Asmara






Greece and Cyprus




Lebanon and Jordan 

Egypt and Lebanon and Jordan



Middle East and Khartoum and Juba



Africa excluding Khartoum/Juba /Tunis/Algeria/Morocco



Far East 



Europe including Morocco/Tunisia/Algeria without Istanbul



Greece and Cyprus



*To discover what other charges apply on different flights, go and check EgyptAir Extra Baggage page.

  • These prices are only applied on flights operated and marketed by EgyptAir.
  • Your excess bag weight and size must be 32kgs and 203cms maximum.
  • The paid amount may be affected by currency exchange.
  • If your luggage weight exceeds the allowed limit, the airport team will ask you to repack it into smaller bags and pay the related fees.
  • The mentioned charges do not include the applied taxes.


Higher Value Declaration Luggage

If you possess baggage that you want to declare high value at check-in, the following set of regulations applies:

  1. HVD is not accepted as carry-on luggage.

  2. You need to make arrangements 2 days before your flight departure time through your booking.

  3. You need to arrive at check-in 4 hours maximum before your flight departure time to verify your luggage objects.

  4. HVD is only valid for only one stopover, so you need to repay the applicable fees for it whenever you check-in.

  5. You can fill-in the baggage “List of Contents” form to add the items you would like to declare.

  6. HVD is not applicable on Interline flights.

  7. HVD does not include fragile or perishable items, medication, any kind of food, personal or identification documents and electronic devices.

  8. You need to securely lock your luggage.


Extra Valuation

  • A maximum amount of SAR15000.74 for the declaration values is only allowed for each passenger and the amount must not be less than SAR5625.28 at the bankers buyer rate on the travelling day.
  • For each declared value, a fee of 10% will be applied on your extra baggage ticket or Electronic Miscellaneous Document. If there are no security services outsourced or provided by EgyptAir, the service will not be applicable.


Carry-on luggage regulations

  • You are not allowed to carry certain items as per Aviation authorities' restrictions.
  • If you would like to prevent the seizing of restricted items, you can pack such items within your checked luggage and not within your personal or hand luggage.
  • Your confiscated items by airport screening services cannot be refunded.
  • You are only allowed to carry particular liquids as cabin baggage after security check.


Liquids, pastes and gels items on EgyptAir aircraft

  • If you are carrying liquids, pastes and gels, they must be contained in a max of 100ml holder individually. 
  • You are only allowed to have 1 re-closable transparent plastic bag not larger than 1 liter that includes all holders.
  • If you have liquids filled in more than a 100ml container, it must be packed within your checked-in luggage.
  • If you are carrying medications, baby products, or dietary supplements as liquids, pastes or gels, it can be exempted.


Duty-free items

  • If you bought any duty-free liquids from any airport or airline, it may be transported as cabin baggage and it should be sealed along with its receipt in a security bag with a red border.
  • You can open your security bag after reaching your final destination.
  • Your security bag might get opened for screening by security.

*For more information regarding your carry-on luggage, feel free to check EgyptAir Carry-on baggage page.


Prohibited items on EgyptAir aircraft

The following items are restricted and cannot be included in your checked or unchecked luggage as per the General Conditions of Carriage and the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations:

  1. Corrosives.

  2. Explosives, fireworks and flares.

  3. Radioactive materials.

  4. Suitcases with alarm devices or powered by lithium batteries.

  5. Mobility devices.

  6. Compressed gases.


  • For flights to or from Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the passenger is not permitted to carry specific medicines like Tramadol, lebraks and Rovamesan as it is listed as drugs.

*To know more about the restricted items, go and check the restricted items page.


EgyptAir Special Services 

For passengers travelling with animals

The airline does not approve of animals' carriage unless the following conditions apply: 

  1. Dogs and cats are suitably prepared and have a valid health vaccination certificate.

  2. Your live animal cannot be carried to the final destination as checked-in baggage if you have not made prior reservation with the other carrier.

  3. You carry enough food for your pets that lasts for the whole flight.

  4. The custom regulations in the country of transit and destination apply.

  5. Your free baggage allowance does not include the weight of your pet along with its container and food, thus, applicable extra baggage rate applies according to each destination.

*Please refer back to the special services page to learn more about animal carriage conditions.


Live animals carriage charges

- You will have to pay the following fees for live animals not within your free allowance:

  • If the baggage weight is up to 23kgs, standard fees of the excess baggage will apply. 
  • Excluding flights to/from Canada and the USA, you will be charged 1.5x of the standard excess baggage rate.
  • If the luggage weight is over 23kgs and reaches 32kgs, you will pay 1.5x of the standard extra luggage rate.
  • Excluding flights to/from Canada and the USA, you will be charged at 2x the standard excess luggage rate.
  • If the baggage weighs more than 32kgs and makes it to 45kgs, you will pay 2x the standard extra baggage rate.
  • Excluding flights to/from Canada and the USA, you will pay 3x of the regular excess baggage rate.
  • If the baggage weight is up to 8kgs, standard fees of the extra baggage will apply. 
  • Excluding flights to/from Canada and the USA, you will be charged 1.5x of the standard excess luggage rate.
  • Rates apply according to your flight direction.


Passengers with Special Needs

  • For ​elders or passengers with reduced mobility, physical or mental disability, the airline offers wheelchair assistance. 

*For more information, you can check the airline wheelchair services page.

  • For your comfort, the aircraft is provided with wheelchairs, medical lifts, sheets, pillows and blankets free of charge.
  • You can request for assistance from the following options, such as, therapeutic oxygen, visually impaired, hearing impaired and accessible toilets.

*You can still check EgyptAir special needs page for further details.


Airline Young Travellers

  • Any unaccompanied minor or young travelers must have proof of age.
  • Young travellers are obliged to make prior confirmed reservations.
  • Unaccompanied minors are allowed to carry bags same as full adult baggage allowance as per their travel class.
  • They need to make sure to hold the minimum of your carry-on luggage and to attach your ID and your contact information on it or inside it.

*To check the offered fares for unaccompanied minors passengers along with the available age limitations, please refer back to the young travelers page.


Sports Equipment onboard

Archery Equipment 

  • It can be considered within your free checked baggage allowance.
  • It must not exceed 23kgs in weight and must be suitably packed.



  • You are allowed to carry only one adequately packed bicycle in a carton box or in a special plastic box.
  • It can be considered within your free checked baggage allowance which must not exceed 23kgs in weight.
  • You must remove the pedals, and partly deflate the tires.


Fishing Equipment  

  • It can be considered within your free checked baggage allowance.
  • It must not exceed 23kgs in weight and it must be packed in a proper way.
  • You are not permitted to carry live bait.


Golf Equipment

  • It is accepted to have only one item of golf equipment as a part of your free checked-in luggage.
  • Your golf bag can include one pair of golf shoes, balls and an umbrella.
  • Its weight must not exceed 23kgs.
  • The bag must be sealed with a cover to avoid any items loss.


Scuba Equipment

  • You are allowed to carry it within your checked-in bag allowance.
  • Your scuba equipment must not exceed 23kgs in weight.
  • The gear must be fitly packed in a hard container.

*For more information on other permitted sports equipment, simply check the sports equipment page.


Musical Instruments on the aircraft

For small musical instruments 

  • Passengers are allowed to carry small musical instruments within their cabin luggage allowance which must comply with the existing requirements, which are 8kgs in weight and 118cms in size including the hard case.
  • Instruments packed in soft cases are not accepted.
  • If you are travelling on Economy Class while having musical instruments in your cabin, then you are not allowed to have carry-on luggage but you can carry personal items like, laptop bag or ladies hand-bag.


For large musical instruments

- Passengers are allowed to carry large musical instruments within their checked-in bag only if it is with the accepted size, shape, weight and length.

- You will be asked to pay extra charges over your standard rate if any of the following cases occurred:

  • your luggage count is over the maximum number permitted by your fare type, or
  •  Its size and weight is over your free baggage allowance.

*For more detailed information on your musical instruments' carriage, go and check musical instruments allowance page.


Unaccompanied Luggage

  • If your bags exceed your free baggage allowance, you have the option to transport these pieces by the cargo service which is available for all EgyptAir destinations at lower rates than the standard extra baggage rates.
  • Allowed items to be transmitted should only include personal belongings.

*If you would like to find out more about the airline cargo service and the applied procedures, check the airline cargo service page


​​Conditions of Carriage

Unacceptable items as baggage

  • You are not permitted to include items which may represent a threat to the aircraft or persons or property on board the aircraft, for instance, those mentioned in the (ICAO), the (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations, and in EgyptAir regulations.
  • The items forbidden by the applicable laws, regulations or orders of any destination
  • You must not include in your checked luggage money, jewellery, computers, personal electronic devices, business documents, passports and other identification documents.

*For more information, you can read all about the conditions through the conditions of carriage page.


Know more about your luggage allowance with the help of our common asked questions 

Q. What if my extra baggage exceeds the permitted weight and size?

A. For your overweight and oversized luggage that weighs up to 24kgs or 32kgs, and its size is more than 158cms, you will be charged 50% of the excess piece price.


Q. What do I need to do if I discovered my checked luggage exceeds the weight limitations while I am checking-in?

A. As per the local occupational safety rules, you will be required to re-pack your bag if it is over 32kgs as it will not be shipped unless as freight or cargo.


Q. What is the airline procedure for late or damaged baggage?

A. EgyptAir provides the WorldTracer service, where you are able to check the status of your delayed or damaged baggage and modify your personal contact information if needed.

- All you need to do is to confirm your name, address, flight information and bag type details and you will be contacted by an EgyptAir agent as soon as they find it for you.


Q. What if I am carrying medicines and baby food as carry-on baggage?

A. You are permitted to carry essential medicines and baby food in larger quantities over the 100ml while holding supporting documentation proving the need for medicines during trip.

- If you are carrying any baby milk, sterilized water or liquid food, you are recommended to pre arrange it before your check-in to prevent inessential delays.

*For further information, please check this section on EgyptAir carry-on luggage page.


Q. What is a Home Print Bagtag service?

A. It is a provided service with which you can get your baggage ready for your flight in advance and save time at the airport.

- It is a home printed label for your baggage that contains information about you along with your flight details.

- This service only applies on selected routes by the airline.

*For more details on what rules and specific destinations may apply, you can go to the Home Print Bagtag official page.


Q. What safety rules do EgyptAir provide for expectant mothers?

A. They will be required to voluntarily present information about possible uncertainty of continuance of pregnancy, time of delivery and any expected complications in delivery or previous multiple births.

- They are also asked to issue a medical clearance seven days maximum before the travel date. 

- In addition to filling in a declaration form when child delivery is due in less than four weeks, or when there is uncertainty about the pregnancy progress or time of delivery.

- Women within the last seven days prior to delivery or within the first seven days after delivery are not eligible for air travel.

*If you would like to know more about safety rules for pregnant women, you can simply check Special services for expectant mothers page.


*Make your EgyptAir reservation right away and catch any possible tickets offered through our website on


All fares are subject to availability at the time of booking.


  • Does EGYPTAIR allow web check-in?

    Yes, EGYPTAIR allows web check-in.

  • Does EGYPTAIR provide online seat selection?

    Yes, EGYPTAIR offers online seat selection at a nominal fee or free. It depends on your flight booking.

  • How many routes does EGYPTAIR service in total/as overall?

    The total number of routes serviced by EGYPTAIR is 372.

  • What is the airline code for EGYPTAIR?

    The airline code for EGYPTAIR is MS.

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