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via Lungolago Zanardelli, 12via Lungolago Zanardelli, 12


Very good

457 Guest reviews
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Very good

1032 Guest reviews
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Vicolo Messaga, 24/25Vicolo Messaga, 24/25


Very good

1949 Guest reviews
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Via Statale 12Via Statale 12


Very good

264 Guest reviews
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1221 Guest reviews
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Very good

380 Guest reviews
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Piazza San Marco, 5Piazza San Marco, 5



471 Guest reviews
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Via Garibaldi n.43Via Garibaldi n.43

P.zza S.Marco, 27P.zza S.Marco, 27


Very good

166 Guest reviews
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28 Via Gabriele D'Annunzio28 Via Gabriele D'Annunzio

Via Pulciano Gaino 67Via Pulciano Gaino 67

Via Statale 200 (SS45bis già Via Ceole)Via Statale 200 (SS45bis già Via Ceole)



973 Guest reviews
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Via pulciano Cecina 6Via pulciano Cecina 6

Folino Cabiana 91Folino Cabiana 91

Viale Ugo Foscolo n. 134Viale Ugo Foscolo n. 134

Via Statale Maderno 127Via Statale Maderno 127


Quick Facts About Garda

Local Time


05:51 PM





Based on Affordable Restaurant

73.67 SAR

Public Transport

One-way Ticket

10.13 SAR

Average temperature



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Tue 10°C Wed 12°C Thu 12°C Fri 12°C Sat 12°C Sun 12°C Mon 13°C

About Garda Hotels

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I cancel my booking and get a refund?

A. In case of cancellation, the request will be reviewed by our team, and you will receive a refund within 4 working days.

Q. How do I know if my reservation is confirmed?

A. Once your booking is complete, you will receive an Almosafer ID number, a confirmation email, and a voucher with your booking information.

Q. What is included in the room price?

A. The facilities listed under the room type are included, which you’ll also find in your confirmation email and voucher.

Q. Can I book a room for a few hours?

A. No, bookings are for one-night minimum stays only.

Q. How do I find out the number of bedrooms in an apartment/suite?

A. The number of bedrooms will be stated in the room description. Or, you can always contact the hotel through the contact details provided in your confirmation email or voucher to modify your booking.

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FAQs About Garda Hotels

  • What is the Average Cost of Food in Garda?

    Food in Garda will be costing around 73.67 SAR.

  • What is the Currency of Garda?

    Garda is dealing in EUR, so make sure to budget your home currency accordingly to EUR rate.