An extraordinary port city with scenic surroundings

A beautiful port city and the capital of the tiny Jizan province! Situated on the coast of the Red Sea, this city is surrounded by incredible natural beauty. With an immensely rich history behind it, the Jizan province is unique in many ways. In a nation known for its vast expanse of sand dunes, the Jizan region is bestowed with breathtaking greenery. While certain other parts of the country may wilt in the scorching summer, this little province is blessed with two rainy seasons annually. Deep blue sea, virgin islands, golden beaches and green wadis make Jizan a wonderful getaway. 

Please note: Some attractions may be currently closed due to mobility restrictions

Best time to visit

December to March are the cooler months and a great time to visit Jizan

Flight duration

From Riyadh to Jizan: Around 1 hour & 50 minutes

From Jeddah to Jizan: Around 1 hour & 30 minutes

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