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About Cannes Hotels

The Lively City of Cannes

Many people knew about Cannes through its international film festival. Cannes, the resort town on the French Riviera, is just the right destination for such a huge event. With the high-end hotels in Cannes, beautiful sandy beaches, and international brands, it’s the luxury traveler’s first choice.

So, we'll guide you in the following lines on how to enjoy your visit to the maximum through our recommendations on booking hotels in Cannes, top attractions, and FAQs.

The Ultimate Guide to Your Cannes’ Visit

Most Popular Attractions to Visit in Cannes:

  • Boulevard de la Croisette: Also known as The Promenade de la Croisette, it’s a significant boulevard on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. If you're confused about where to shop or dine, go there, and you'll find a wide array of options. Most importantly, it's listed in the cultural heritage general inventory of France.
  • The Palais des Festivals: Located on the Boulevard de la Croisette, it’s the venue for the Cannes Film Festival. Yet, it also hosts other notable events such as the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity as well as the NRJ Music Award.
  • Musée des explorations du monde: Artists specifically would love to visit this museum. This medieval castle showcases outstanding artworks, including 19th-century Riviera landscape art, ethnographic items, and musical instruments.  

Most Popular Activities to Do in Cannes:

  • Cruising: Since Cannes is all about nature and beaches, you should indeed spend a few hours surrounded by the blue waves. In other words, book a cruise to explore Cannes' spectacular islands, discover marine life, and feel the sea breeze.
  • Tours: Cultural tours will help you roam around the city through visiting several attractions in one day. Tours are typically available for online booking and often refundable upon early cancellations.
  • Shopping: The city is packed with designer stores, chic boutiques, and modern malls. Shop for international brands such as Dior, Chane, and Gucci at ease in any of Cannes' fancy malls. Gray d'albion galerie, for instance, is the largest shopping center in the city with plenty of shops and chic boutiques.

Most Popular Restaurants in Cannes:  

  • Top-notch Fine Dining Restaurants: Reserve a table at Lucky You Beef & Seafood for a flawless dining experience, from the place's ambiance to the food options and taste. Carlton Restaurant too is a fantastic restaurant for those who value the sea view.
  • Budget-Friendly Restaurants: Le Troquet à Soupes is a cozy restaurant, but with incredibly delicious food. While its name suggests soups, it also serves French, Mediterranean, European, and Healthy food options. Likewise, Pizza Gourmet is an excellent option if you want to grab a meal in a hurry.

Popular Areas

Lérins Islands - Île Sainte-Marguerite - Abbaye De Lérins - Église Notre-Dame d'Espérance

Popular Airport

Cannes - Mandelieu Airport or Aéroport de Cannes

Reasons to Visit

Entertainment - Beaches - Art - Culture  

Best Hotels in Cannes with Almosafer

Settling on accommodation is a tricky business, considering the abundance of hotels in Cannes. Thus, we got you the finest hotels in the city, including the followings:

No matter what you’re looking for, whether airports or cheap hotels in Cannes, Almosafer offers tons of hotel options. We guarantee the most affordable hotel prices in Cannes, without compromising the provided services. 


  1. Is Cannes open for travelers?

France is currently open for travelers, but with certain restrictions such as presenting a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test. Therefore, ensure to check the latest updates before planning your trip.

  1. How to make sure that the hotel I choose follows Covid-19 safety protocols?

Use the ‘Covid-19 Safety Info’ filter to get a list of hotels in Cannes that follow all safety protocols.

  1. How to make sure the hotel I choose has certain amenities?

On Almosafer, you have the privilege of filtering hotels based on the desired amenities, whether it's housekeeping, gym, Wi-Fi, or any other service.

  1. What if I want to cancel my reservation? Would I still have to pay?

Booking hotels in Cannes was never that flexible. Hotels such as Radisson Blu 1835 Hotel & Thalasso, Cannes, Sun Riviera Hotel, and Cristal Hôtel & Spa offer free cancellation up to a specific date. Furthermore, if you're unsure about your choice, you may get the Pay Later option, so you can book a room and pay at your convenience.

 Disclaimer: All fares are subject to availability at the time of booking.

*The content of this page is professionally articulated and thoroughly reviewed by Almosafer's editorial team to ensure that the content is always up to date and accurate.

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FAQs About Cannes Hotels

  • What is the average cost for a cheap hotel in Cannes?

    It is easy to book cheap hotels in Cannes with high quality service through our website. Almosafer offers the best hotels in Cannes at great rates. Enjoy your stay in any of Cannes’s cheap hotels in the best areas of the city. The average price for a cheap hotel is 1,054.78 SAR per night.

  • When is the Best Time to Travel to Cannes?

    The best time to travel to Cannes is in July & August because you will get to enjoy the activities in Cannes.

  • What is the Average Cost of Food in Cannes?

    Food in Cannes will be costing around 61.92 SAR.

  • When is the Best Time to Book Hotels in Cannes?

    The best time to book hotels in Cannes is in March since the rates will be at its best.

  • What is the Currency of Cannes?

    Cannes is dealing in EUR, so make sure to budget your home currency accordingly to EUR rate.

  • What is the Average Rate Per Night for Hotels in Cannes?

    The average rate per night in Cannes is 1,054.78 SAR.

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