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Local Time


02:12 AM


01:12 AM


Saudi Arabia Kingdom




FoodBased on Affordable Restaurant


22.5 SAR


19.15 SAR

Public TransportOne-way Ticket


1.2 SAR

Average temperature





Weather in Jouf for the next 7 days

Fri 4°C Sat 7°C Sun 8°C Mon 7°C Tue 8°C Wed 6°C Thu 5°C

Weather in Cairo for the next 7 days

Fri 10°C Sat 11°C Sun 12°C Mon 11°C Tue 11°C Wed 10°C Thu 11°C

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660 SAR
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537 SAR
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537 SAR
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537 SAR

Travel and COVID-19 Update

Your safety is on top of our priorities, therefore, we are doing our best to look towards life after the gravest of the COVID-19 and not affect your plans. Check latest Covid-19 travel update for Egypt.

Al-Jouf to Cairo transit flight route information

Average transit flight duration

7h 30m

Average one-way transit flight prices’

781SAR - 873SAR


794.99 km 

Top Airlines 

flynas, Saudia


Main Airports details’/information

Origin Airport - Al-Jouf Domestic Airport

Al-Jawf Domestic Airport (IATA: AJF, ICAO: OESK), which was built in 1974, and resides in King Abdul Aziz St, at an elevation of 689 m above mean sea level, is an airport serving Sakakah (Al Jawf), a city in Al Jawf Province, Saudi Arabia.  

The airport is operated by the government, has one runway, one terminal, and can handle 175k passengers.

Destination Airport - Cairo International Airport

Cairo International Airport (IATA: CAI, ICAO: HECA), which is the hub airport serving Cairo, is situated in Heliopolis, the northeast of Cairo around 15km from the business area of the city, while spanning an area of around 37km2.

It is ranked as the busiest airport in Egypt and the second busiest in Africa.

The airport boasts three runways and 4 passenger terminals. Terminal 1 provides services for airlines not included in Star Alliance, whilst Terminal 2 serves International and Domestic flights, is considered as the main hub for EgyptAir, and is connected directly to Terminal 3. These first three terminals are connected with a metro to transport passengers. Terminal 4, namely “the seasonal terminal”, operates only on Hajj season. 


Airports services’ and facilities’:

Origin airport facilities’ 

Al-Jouf Airport

Destination airport facilities’ 

Cairo International Airport

  • Banks
  • Car rentals
  • VIP lounges
  • Car parking
  • Restaurants
  • Baggage wrapping
  • ATMs
  • Duty-Free Shops
  • Wi-Fi
  • Car rental offices
  • Currency exchange
  • Shops

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  • Luxurious leather seats
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  • Spacious and comfortable leather seats
  • Special monitors
  • International Cuisine


City Guide

About Al-Jouf - The Kingdom’s Largest Agricultural Base

Al-Jouf province, which is located in the north of the country, neighboring Jordan, covers an area of about 100,212 km² and houses a population of 508.475. It includes three governorates: Al-Qurayyat, Dumat-al-Jandal and Tabarjal, while Sakakah city is its capital.

The Al-Jouf region is considered one of the most fertile regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and one of the longest-inhabited places on the Arabian Peninsula.

About Cairo - Jewel of the Orient

Cairo, named city of the Thousand Minarets, is the capital of the Arab Republic of Egypt. It is situated on both banks of the Nile River near the head of the river's delta in northern Egypt and has been settled for more than 6,000 years, acting as the capital of numerous Egyptian kingdoms.

Cairo’s metropolitan area is the largest in Africa, in the Arab world, and the 6th-largest in the world, spanning an area of over 3,085 km², and housing a population of over 20 million.

Metropolitan Cairo comprises the Cairo governorate, alongside other districts, which are owned by neighboring governorates, like Al-Jīzah, and Qalūbiyya.

Cairo stands as the region's principal commercial, administrative, and tourist hub; it has several cultural institutions, business and corporate headquarters, governmental offices, top universities, and hotels.

Travel Guide

Learn more about the best time to visit Cairo with Almosafer

Been trying to plan your retreat in Cairo for so long? You can book your flight ticket with Almosafer, and find whatever your trip needs, starting from cheap airline tickets for Al Al-Jouf to Cairo flights to a handy travel guide below, so you can experience Cairo to the fullest.

As a start, our guide will not only help you learn more about the local weather but also will give you a hint about the best time to pay Cairo a visit.

Cairo’s weather is mostly desert, so it is considered a hot and sunny destination, but despite that the climate can get very humid as the city resides close to the Nile River. 

  • This city’s weather features 3 main seasons:
  1. The high season goes from October to February, and marks the winter.
  • It has cool temperatures and very occasional rain. 
  • The two months of December and February are likely the peak times.
  1. The low season starts in June and ends in August, and indicates the summer.
  • This season enjoys a hot, humid, and arid climate, reaching an average temperature of around 35C in July.
  • It is also considered as a cheap period, as there are great offers on hotels and flights.
  1. The shoulder season that comes amid the months of March & May, and September & October, and marks both spring and autumn seasons.
  • Its temperatures are less extreme, and there are fewer visitors around.

Almosafer recommends that the most ideal time to pay Cairo a visit is within the winter, or spring when the temperatures are slightly low enough for you to enjoy outdoor activities.


Discover top-visited touristic sites in Cairo with Almosafer

In order to take your travel experience to a whole new level, we've also added to our practical travel guide, a small idea on how to spend a marvelous time when in Cairo by suggesting the most visited places, and most thrilling activities to do.

Cairo stands out as one of the most incredible havens, for not only having crammed markets, friendly locals, and impeccable hospitality, but it also holds a plethora of impressive landmarks. These sights range from the tremendous pyramids of Giza, the great Nile, to the fascinating minarets, and the remarkable antiques displayed in the huge Egyptian Museum of antiquities.

Here you go a list of some of the top sites to visit and thrilling activities to do when in Cairo:

  1. Take a felucca ride in the Nile and enjoy the beautiful river panoramas. 
  2. Go for a walk by the Nile Corniche, or in the Cairo Botanical gardens and Giza Zoo.
  3. Move things up a gear, and experience the local cultural activities, such as, sufi dancing, tannoura and musical performances at any of the cultural centers or opera houses.
  4. Catch the remarkable sound and light show that narrates Egypt’s long and rich history in front of the marvelous pyramids.
  5. Visit the fortresses, churches, mosques and museums, which would take you back to a bygone era, and discover the reminiscences of Old Cairo, 
  6. Do some shopping at Khan al- Khalili bazaar to buy old Egyptian antiques and souvenirs.
  7. Explore the city from a different angle by getting a 360-degree view of the city from Cairo tower, the tallest concrete structure in North Africa.


Learn key details about your flight & destination via FAQs’

Q. What is the helpline number of Cairo International Airport?

A. The helpline number of Cairo International Airport is + (202) 226 55000.

Q. Does Cairo International Airport have duty-free shops?

A.Yes, Cairo International Airport offers duty-free shops in its three terminals.

Q. Does Cairo International Airport include lounges?

A.Yes, the airport offers First & Business Class lounges that include exclusive and high-quality services, such as Wi-Fi, TVs, and local & international newspapers and magazines.

Q. Which hotels in Cairo provide free shuttle service to Cairo International Airport?

A.The hotels in Cairo that offer free airport shuttle service are Novotel Cairo Airport, Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza, Sonesta Hotel Tower & Casino Cairo, and Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel.

Q. How much does a Business class ticket for a one-stop flight from Al-Jouf to Cairo cost on Saudia?

A.The Business class ticket for a one-stop flight from Al-jouf to Cairo on Saudia costs SAR1,793.

Q. What is the baggage allowance for a one-stop flight from Al-Jouf to Cairo on Saudi Arabian Airlines for Economy class passengers?

A.The baggage allowance for Economy class passengers for a one-stop flight from Al-Jouf to Cairo on Saudia is a max 7kg cabin baggage, and one checked baggage.

Q. What are the means of transportation in Cairo?

A.The modes of transportation in Cairo are, the metro, which is considered the fastest way of getting around, public transportation like buses and micro-buses that move according to the road network, taxis, or a private mode like Uber and Careem.

Q. What are the most known shopping malls in Cairo?

A.The most famous shopping malls in Cairo are Cairo Festival City Mall, City Stars Mall, Mall of Egypt, and Mall of Arabia.


Disclaimer: All fares are subject to availability at the time of booking.

FAQs About Flights From Jouf To Cairo

  • How to get discount on flights from Jouf to Cairo?

    Check out our latest offers on flights. ✓Pay in Installments Option Available ✓ Download Almosafer App on iOS, Andriod & Huawei for best travel booking experience.

  • What is the flight duration from Jouf to Cairo?

    The flights duration from Jouf to Cairo is 01h 39m and top rated airlines are Nile Air, Air Arabia & Saudi Arabian Airlines.

  • What are the latest travel updates for Cairo?

    For a smooth travel experience, check the latest travel updates for Cairo, Egypt.


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