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Quick Comparison Between Island Of Rhodes & Basel Mulhouse Freiburg

Local Time

Island of Rhodes

03:14 AM

Basel Mulhouse Freiburg

02:14 AM






FoodBased on Affordable Restaurant

Island of Rhodes

59.66 SAR

Basel Mulhouse Freiburg

109.35 SAR

Public TransportOne-way Ticket

Island of Rhodes

10.33 SAR

Basel Mulhouse Freiburg

16.13 SAR

Average temperature

Island of Rhodes


Basel Mulhouse Freiburg


Weather in Island Of Rhodes for the next 7 days

Thu 8°C Fri 12°C Sat 13°C Sun 7°C Mon 5°C Tue 5°C Wed 6°C

Weather in Basel Mulhouse Freiburg for the next 7 days

Thu 2°C Fri 0°C Sat 0°C Sun 1°C Mon 0°C Tue 0°C Wed 0°C

FAQs About Flights From Island Of Rhodes To Basel Mulhouse Freiburg

  • How to get discount on flights from Island Of Rhodes to Basel Mulhouse Freiburg?

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  • What are the latest travel updates for Basel Mulhouse Freiburg?

    For a smooth travel experience, check the latest travel updates for Basel Mulhouse Freiburg, France.


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