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Book Cheap Flights to Makkah

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About Makkah

Flight Options to Makkah

Since Makkah doesn’t have an airport, check out the following flights to close Saudi cities.

The nearest airports are King Abdulaziz International Airport (IATA: JED - OACI: OEJN) and Taif International Airport (IATA: TIF, ICAO: OETF).

Makkah Flight Options

Ticket Prices Starting From 


SAR 197


SAR 498


SAR 503

Top Airlines Offering Flights to Jeddah & Taif

The following airlines are among the best airlines flying to both Jeddah and Taif. Take a look at them and pick the one that suits you. 


Saudia Baggage Allowance Policy

Average Price SAR 320

  • Personal screens
  • entertainment kit
  • Adjustable seats


flynas Baggage Allowance Policy

Average Price SAR 320

  • Comfortable seats
  • Onboard meals


Flyadeal Baggage Allowance Policy

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Travel Updates

Check out the latest travel, safety and entry requirements for Saudi Arabia.

The Holy City of Makkah

Visiting Makkah is the utmost desire of all Muslims around the world. No wonder the city that witnessed the birth of Islam is annually welcoming millions of Muslims for Hajj (pilgrimage) and Umrah. Mecca, generally spelled Makkah, is located in a desert valley, western Saudi Arabia. It’s distinguished by the sun-bleached homes settled in the rocky hills of the city. Yet, it’s also a modern city packed with ancient Arabian monuments and museums, such as Masjid Al Haram (Holy Mosque), the Black Stone, the Mountain of Light, and the Well of Zamzam. Hence, your trip to Makkah will be rewarding on so many levels.

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Most Popular Attractions to Visit in Makkah:

  • Jabal al-Nour: This mountain is the exact spot where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) first received the revelation from God at the beginning of the 7th century.
  • Black Stone: It’s the holy eastern cornerstone which all Muslims pray towards its direction. It’s believed it had fallen from heaven at the time of Adam and Eve. Its color was white then but turned black from absorbing all the sins and bad deeds over time.
  • Masjid Al Haram: Means the Sacred Mosque for being the holiest mosque of Islam. Located at the center of Makkah, Masjid Al Haram is designed to accommodate up to 4 million worshippers. It’s where Umrah is practiced, including the Tawaf and the Safa and Marwa tours.  
  • Ka’ba: It’s situated at the heart of Masjid Al Haram. The cubic structure covered in black silk with gold calligraphy at the center (Kiswah) is the scarcest shrine of Islam. The Quran also states that Abraham and his son Ishmael built it. The moment of seeing Ka’ba is said to be overwhelmingly sensational.  

Most Popular Activities to Do in Makkah:

  • Sightseeing: After completing the Hajj in its 5-day timeframe, you can extend your stay to explore the city's landmarks. Renting a car would be an excellent way to go around Makkah while avoiding the crowd. The plains of Arafat, the valley of Muzdalifah, and the Jamarat are a few places that should be on your list. 
  • Museum Tours: Several museums were built in Makkah in order to deliver accurate knowledge about the history of the city’s holy sites. Furthermore, The Exhibition of the Two Holy Mosques explains the construction process of Masjid An Nabawi as well as Masjid Al Haram. Besides, various artifacts are on display, such as Marble arches and wooden doors. For The Kiswah Museum, it shows the handmade process of making the Kiswah and adding the gold calligraphy. And Makkah Museum, located at the fancy Al Zahir Palace, is dedicated to the pre-Islamic era. It showcases ancient rock art, early-Islamic coins, and rare copies of Qurans.
  • Shopping: Because all your relatives and friends expect special souvenirs from the holy land, Makkah Mall and Hijaz Mall have everything you need.

The above information is collected from Google Travel guide to Makkah.

Plan your Itinerary and Learn About Makkah Through our FAQs

Q. Can I fly to Makkah now?
A. Saudi Arabia is open for travel. Yet, we recommend checking the latest travel updates before booking tickets to either Jeddah or Taif. 

Q. What airport is best to fly into Makkah?
A. Jeddah Airport is the most common airport that passengers fly to on the way to Makkah, as it's only 75 km away from the center of Makkah.

Disclaimer: All fares are subject to availability at the time of booking.

FAQ for Flight To Makkah

  • What is the prime airport name in Makkah?

    The prime airport name in Makkah is Makkah Airport