Book Dubai to Amman Flights

Book Dubai to Amman Flights

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Airfare from Dubai to Amman

Estimated Flights Prices from Dubai to Amman

Dubai to Amman cheapest fare

This week cheapest price531 SAR
Next 7 days cheapest price531 SAR
Next 15 days cheapest price404 SAR
Next 30 days cheapest price342 SAR

Price trend for flights from Dubai to Amman

Best Price/Day

Best time to book on Dubai & Amman route

159 Days before the Departure

Quick Comparison Between Dubai & Amman

Local Time


05:44 PM


03:44 PM


United Arab Emirates




FoodBased on Affordable Restaurant


35.8 SAR


26.49 SAR

Public TransportOne-way Ticket


5.11 SAR


2.65 SAR

Average temperature





Weather in Dubai for the next 7 days

Mon 27°C Tue 24°C Wed 23°C Thu 23°C Fri 22°C Sat 23°C Sun 23°C

Weather in Amman for the next 7 days

Mon 12°C Tue 14°C Wed 12°C Thu 9°C Fri 8°C Sat 10°C Sun 12°C

Dubai to Amman Trip Guide

Direct flights from Dubai to Amman

Want to fly non-stop to Amman? Almosafer will help you find the best airlines

Cheapest Non-Stop Trip 

SAR 2,125

Average Direct Flights Per Week

17 Flights

Airlines with Fly Non-Stop

Emirates - Royal Jordanian Airlines - Flydubai

Connecting flights from Dubai to Amman

Traveling on budget? You can catch the Dubai to Amman connecting flight with one stop.

Cheapest Connecting Trip

SAR 1,535

Average Connecting Flights Per Week

230 Flights

Airlines with 1 stop 

Saudi Arabian Airlines - Gulf Air - Jazeera Airways

Average Flight Duration with 1 stop

06h 15m

DXB to AMM Flight Information

Things you should know before you travel

Average Flight Duration

02h 55m

Top Airlines

Emirates - Royal Jordanian Airlines - Flydubai - Etihad Airways 

Origin Airport

Dubai International Airport (DXB)

Destination Airport

Queen Alia International Airport  (AMM)

Time difference between Dubai to Amman

1 hour 


Airport Details/Information

 Origin Airport Facilities
Dubai International Airport

(Map Location)

Destination Airport Facilities
Queen Alia International Airport 

(Map Location)

  • Baggage storage
  • WIFI
  • Prayer Room
  • Car rental service
  • Business Center
  • Shops and stores
  • Currency exchange 
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • ATMs facilities
  • Medical center


Top Airlines flying to Amman

Seek the best of Almosafer's flight deals and pick your favorite airline

Airline name 

Baggage policy 

The average price to your destination

In-flight services


Emirates Baggage Allowance Guide

SAR 2,317


-Seats that turn into flatbeds

-On-board lounge

Royal Jordanian Airlines

Royal Jordanian Airlines Baggage Allowance

SAR 2,503

-Snacks and beverages served along with international cuisine.

-Comfortable seats.

-Plenty of entertainment channels from films, TV episodes, Arabic and Western music and games.


Saudia Baggage Allowance Guide

SAR 1,535

-Complimentary dates and beverages

-International cuisine options.

-Various choices of entertainment channels between movies cartoons and music.

The ticket prices are applicable to change according to the travel date.

Travel Updates

Check out the latest travel, safety and entry requirements for Jordan. 

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Amman… The White City

Amman is the capital city of Jordan and is well known for its cultural diversity between traditional Jordanian heritage and Western Influence. Discover the rich history and see the city sights, citadels, temples, and Roman roots theaters. Amman city is an ideal destination for travelers looking for adventures, history fans, and modern nightlife. Immerse yourself with city wonders and activities with excellent weather during the daylight and chill at night. From warm hospitality and wealth culture to local food, Amman city is considered your ultimate destination. 

Exciting Places to Visit in Amman

  •   Shopping:

Treat yourself to a unique shopping experience in Amman. Take a glance at city streets between traditional souqs to luxurious shopping centers. Traditional souqs are filled with authentic Jordanian products, handmade sandals and the finest jewelry. Souk Jara is one of the popular souqs in Amman. It is an excellent choice to get handcrafted products, accessories, gifts and souvenirs. Amman city features many shopping malls City Mall and Mecca Mall. You can find local and international stores, restaurants and cinemas all in one place.

  • Sight-seeing tour:

Heighten your stay and explore the incredible city with historical sites and popular landmarks. King Abdullah Mosque is the most breathtaking Islamic landmark in Amman. With an exquisite blue mosaic dome, beautiful chandeliers and a large prayer hall. Jabal Al Qala'a holds historical significance which goes back to Bronze Age. The area features the Temple of Hercules and the Ummayad Palace. 

*The above information is collected using Google Travel Guide to Amman.

  • Food-tasting

You know you are in Amman when you taste local food with its mix between Syrian, Lebanese and Jordanian all in one bite. Do not miss Amman's famous dishes at Sufra, with  Jordanian cuisines and affordable prices. Reem Al-Bawadi is an excellent choice for food lovers with an Arabic atmosphere.

  • Desert activities

Escape the city and enjoy plenty of desert activities in Amman’s deserts. Get amazed by the beautiful sunset. Enjoy camping and watch the stars at Wadi Rum. The desert is also filled with Iconic landmarks The Jordan Museum, The Nabatean temple, and the ancient city of Petra (UNESCO World Heritage Site).

Important FAQs to Learn while traveling to Amman

Q. Is Amman safe to travel to?
A. Jordan is captivating Middle-Eastern country. The country is safe for traveling with hospitable people you will feel at home.

Q. Does Amman have children's activities?

A. Amman is a family-friendly destination. There are plenty of family activities and children places to go. The Children's Museum Jordan, Al Hussein Public Parks Jump park and Fun Shake entertainment center are excellent choices for your kids.

Q. Does Queen Alia International Airport have a transit hotel?

A. Amman Airport Hotel is a transit hotel that features an airport shuttle service and a restaurant.

Q. When is the best time to visit Amman?

A. The best time to travel to Amman is between March and May in the spring season.

Q. How do I get around Amman?

A. You can get around the city by taxi. Nevertheless, It’s more comfortable to rent a car.

Q. Are credit cards widely accepted in the city?

A. Credit cards are accepted In hotels, big restaurants and shopping malls. While in other places it's better to keep cash on you.

Disclaimer: All fares are subject to availability at the time of booking.

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