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About Air India Express

Air India Express is an Indian low-cost airline, operated by Air India Express Limited (AIEL), a wholly owned affiliate of Indian flag carrier airline Air India.

Its headquarter is in Kochi, Keralam, serving around 649 flights per week to 33 destinations including the Middle East and Southeast Asia. It also carries around 4.3 million passengers every year connecting 140 city pairs.

Air India Express Baggage Allowance

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Air India Express Checked luggage

  • Size and weight of the checked baggage must not exceed 158cms and 32kgs.

  • Passengers are allowed to carry whatever number of checked luggage as long as it does not exceed 20kgs, 25kgs, 30kgs or 40kgs, depending on the purchased ticket.


Air India Express Carry-on luggage

  • Dimensions of the cabin baggage must not exceed 115cms including handle, pockets and wheels.

  • Each passenger is allowed to carry only one hand luggage that must not exceed 7kgs in weight, including duty free items, plus an extra laptop bag.


Infant baggage allowance

  • Infants are allowed to have a 10kg checked bag that must not exceed 158cms in dimensions.


Excess baggage

  • Excess baggage is the additional weight you intend to carry beyond the allowed Free Baggage Allowance.

  • Passengers are entitled to pre-book excess baggage in two weights, 5kgs and 10kgs.

  • The charges vary based on routes and seasonality.

  • You will be informed of the applicable related charges at the check-in desk.

  • You can purchase your extra bags through the “Manage Booking” option on Air India Express Excess luggage page.


Special luggage 

  • The uncommon baggage can be sporting equipment, bulky or fragile bags, bicycles and oversized baggage.

  • Passengers are allowed to carry these items, whether within the free baggage allowance or apart from the baggage allowance, by purchasing excess baggage and paying the applicable fees.

  • If the sports equipment are extra to the free luggage allowance, the following charges may apply:

  • Golf Kit costs 50% of the applicable excess baggage charge.

  • Skiing Equipment costs 33 % of the applicable excess baggage charge.

  • For on-board bulky or fragile baggage, whose weight does not exceed 70kgs, passengers can reserve a seat in advance.


*For more information on your special baggage carriage, please visit Air India Express baggage terms & conditions page.

Prohibited items

  • The following items are not permitted to be carried on person or in cabin baggage or registered baggage, while travelling on board:

  • Lighters and scissors.

  • Sharp objects, for instance, box cutters, knives and razor-type blades.

  • Guns and firearms.

  • Self-defense or martial arts items.

  • Explosive materials.

  • Compressed gases and flammable items.


*You can figure out more about the restricted items on-board through the airline Terms & Conditions.

*If you would like to learn more tips regarding packing your baggage, you can read Air India Express terms & conditions Article 8.8.


Delayed, damaged and lost luggage

  • For international and domestic carriage liabilities, refer back to the airline Terms & Conditions, article 8.13.

  • For delayed bags incidents, passengers must contact Air India Express personnel at arrival hall and fill a (PIR) to get a reference number to follow-up the case.

  • For lost baggage incidents, passengers are asked to fill in a (PIR). If the luggage could not be traced for 21 days after the date of (PIR) issuance, it will be considered as lost luggage.

  • In case of damaged baggage incident occurrence, passengers are requested to contact Air India Express personnel at arrival hall in order to physically examine the affected baggage and assess the nature, extent and reparability of the damage.



All fares are subject to availability at the time of booking.

FAQs for Air India Express

  • Does Air India Express allow web check-in?

    Yes, Air India Express allows web check-in.

  • Does Air India Express provide online seat selection?

    Yes, Air India Express offers online seat selection at a nominal fee or free. It depends on your flight booking.

  • How many routes does Air India Express service in total/as overall?

    The total number of routes serviced by Air India Express is 82.

  • What is the airline code for Air India Express?

    The airline code for Air India Express is IX.

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