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Travelling within and from Saudi Arabia

As domestic travel has resumed and limited international travel is allowed with a partial resumption for outbound travel expected from 17 May 2021, check out the latest guidelines, requirements and restrictions if you're planning to travel within or outside the country.

Domestic travel

  • Updates
  • Umrah guidelines
  • Travel safety guidelines
  • Airport and airline safety measures
  • Airline-specific measures

International travel

  • Resumption of travel & allowed categories
  • Procedures to obtain a travel permit
  • International travel & return
  • For tourists, foreigners and returning residents

Saudi Arabia has resumed flights to several domestic destinations, with 28 airports now ready to serve passengers.

Travel to Makkah is still restricted. However, Umrah services have resumed and are being set out in phases. Check the 'Umrah guidelines' section for more information.

Please see the latest travel advisory, general guidelines and tips from civil aviation and government authorities in the subsequent sections.

Note: Please ensure to check the eligibility from the respective country government guidance and entry criteria on IATA to ensure you are able to travel. The information displayed on this page is from various data and government sources. While we've made every effort to present accurate and up-to-date information, we cannot guarantee or be held liable for the accuracy and currency of the information provided due to the rapidly changing requirements.