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Visa requirements
  • Entry to Indonesia is allowed for Indonesian nationals, foreign nationals holding a valid visa and other select categories.
  • All travellers, including nationals and foreigners, can enter Indonesia through select points.
  • All arrivals, including national and foreign travellers, must comply with the following:
    • They must provide a proof of having received full COVID-19 vaccine doses at least 14 days prior to departure. The vaccination proof must either be in English, or an English language translation must be provided if the certificate is in the language of the country of origin. Passengers below 18 years old are exempt alongside other categories.
    • All passengers must download and register on the PeduliLindungi application (iOS; Android) before departure.
    • All arrivals will undergo a COVID-19 symptoms check upon arrival at the airport. Symptomatic individuals will undergo an RT-PCR test. Please visit our "COVID-19 test" and "Quarantine upon arrival" sections for more details.
    • Those who don’t present a proof of vaccination will be required to quarantine for 5 days.
  • On-arrival visas are now being issued for passengers coming from several countries including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and GCC countries. Find more info in the “Visa requirements” section.