Domestic travel updates for Saudi Arabia: COVID-19

Latest updates about government announcements and travel advisory for domestic flights

Saudi Arabia has resumed flights to several domestic destinations, with 28 airports now ready to serve passengers. Travel to Makkah is still restricted. Please see the latest travel advisory, guidelines and tips from civil aviation and government authorities.

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Travel safety guidelines

Please note these important points before and during travel.

Buy airline tickets via electronic means only

Make a medical disclosure while booking and in the event of any symptoms of COVID-19

Check in and arrive at the airport 2 hours ahead of departure to avoid any delays

Wear a face mask and gloves at all times

Abide by social distancing rules. Keep a distance of 2 metres and stand on specified floor stickers

Remember that you will undergo thermal screening procedures at the airport

Sanitise your hands when entering the terminal

Avoid standing close to each other while boarding, and in buses and boarding bridges

Use electronic payment and reduce use of cash

You can carry one piece of baggage with you onboard

If you display COVID-19 symptoms or have temperature over 38 degrees, you will not be allowed to board the flight

Airport and airline safety measures

Here are a few precautionary measures being taken by authorities for your safety:

  • General measures
  • Before travel and boarding
  • While boarding and onboard
  • Upon arrival
  • Sterilisers are available throughout the Kingdom's 28 airports
  • All workers at airports and air crews are required to disinfect and wear face masks, gloves and protective shields
  • All workers in airports and air crews are required to have a medical examination
  • All airports are to be disinfected every three hours
  • All airplanes in use must be disinfected after each flight
  • People who have temperature over 38 degrees will not be allowed into the airport.
  • Booking offices at airports are being closed and bookings have been restricted to electronic channels
  • Authorities are restricting entry to the airport to travellers only, with the exception of those accompanying the elderly and people with disabilities
  • Thermal screenings of passengers are being performed at the airport
  • Hand sanitisers are available for use before entering the terminal
  • Baggage carts are disinfected after each use in the disinfection areas
  • Glass barriers have been installed to separate passengers from service providers boarding pass and baggage delivery services.
  • Floor stickers have been posted across the airport to maintain a safe distance between passengers
  • Glass barriers have been installed at service counters to separate passengers from staff (e.g. for boarding pass and baggage delivery)
  • Social distancing measures in seating and waiting areas, by leaving an empty seat between passengers
  • Requiring social distancing measures in place at all service providers' areas, restaurants and cafes
  • Encouraging electronic payment and reducing cash transactions
  • Gradual boarding of passengers with 2-metre social distancing in effect
  • Disinfecting boarding bridges, buses and medical cranes before and after use for each flight
  • Maintaining social distancing among passengers while entering the airplane and riding buses
  • All the navigators and passengers are required to wear face masks and gloves all the times on the flight
  • Ensuring social distancing onboard by keeping vacant seats between passengers
  • Gradual deboarding of passengers and using only 50% of the operating capacity of the boarding bus/bridge
  • Disinfection devices placed at the first point of entry to the terminal to ensure disinfection
  • Specified floor posters posted along the terminal's exit path
  • Isolated areas provided for suspected cases
  • Social distancing in effect and floor posters posted across all baggage waiting and gathering areas
  • Baggage carts are disinfected after each use
  • Encouraging disposal of face masks and gloves in the trash cans available at the airport
  • Maintaining distancing between passengers at the taxi service areas
  • Encouraging electronic payment and reducing cash transactions

Airline-specific measures

Some airlines may have specific requirements of their own. Please contact the airline directly to know about special requirements. You can review some of the latest requirements on their websites:

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