A capital of imperial palaces and artistic masterpieces

Brimming with Baroque boulevards, magnificent palaces and an undying passion for art, Vienna has everything that leaves an explorer in awe. Add a generous dose of coffee and ‘melt in the mouth’ cakes to the mix, and you’ve got Vienna in a nutshell. With attractions such as Schönbrunn Palace – an architectural wonder – and the Burgtheater – a powerhouse of performances, Vienna is rich, versatile and fascinating!

Best time to visit

During summer to enjoy many wonderful festivals; winter is perfect for a white holiday

Visa requirements

Schengen visa required for Saudi nationals. It takes around 4 weeks of processing time.

Flight duration

From Riyadh to Vienna: Around 9 hours (including a stop)

From Jeddah to Vienna: Around 9 hours (including a stop)

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