A tranquil haven with palm-fringed beaches & turquoise waters

A slice of heaven on earth, an epitome of ocean-side luxury, Seychelles is where you can disengage from the world, escape into a retreat and find yourself again! Away from the chaos of city life and the doldrums of routine, lies this archipelago of 115 tiny islands, waiting to envelope you with its serenity. Seychelles excites you with opulent resorts, lures you with emerald waters and overwhelms you with underwater wonders. 

Please note: Some attractions may be currently closed due to mobility restrictions.

Best time to visit

Seychelles has a tropical climate, and hence it is great during every season 

Visa requirements

No visa required for Saudi nationals

Flight duration

A flight from Riyadh to Seychelles takes around 7 hours and 20 mins 

A flight from Jeddah to Seychelles takes around 9 hours

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