A historic city with unrivalled beauty & a fascinating past

Flanked by mountains, Sarajevo is a stunning destination that will lure you with its utterly compelling beauty. For some, it’s the East meets West charm that steals their heart. For others, it is the intriguing architecture and the bustling street life that will stop them in their tracks. And yet for some others, it is the city’s eventful war-laden history and its irrepressible spirit to rise again that catches attention. With a beguiling history and beautiful landscapes, this city has many attractions that will leave you spellbound. Discover this breathtaking destination and capture its essence!

Best time to visit

February to May & Sept to October for its pleasant climate. 

Visa requirements

Saudi nationals require either a Schengen visa or a Bosnian visa to enter Sarajevo

Flight duration

From Riyadh to Sarajevo: Around 9 hours & 45 minutes (including a stop)

From Jeddah to Sarajevo: Around 15 hours (including stops)

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