Blissful retreat with pristine beaches, lush greenery & fascinating temples

Fondly called the ‘Island of the Gods’, Bali is a haven with stunning beaches, rugged coastlines, lush rice terraces and intriguing temples. With its utterly compelling beauty and unrivalled charm, Bali is not just a place, it is an emotion that has to be experienced. Whether you want a luxurious holiday in a secluded beach resort, get an adrenaline-rush while whitewater rafting, explore the rustic and charming countryside or embrace spirituality and spend some time on self-reflection, Bali is a wonderful destination worth exploring.


Travel updates

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Best time to visit

Bali has a tropical climate all year round so feel free to visit whenever you want 

Visa requirements

No visa required for Saudi nationals

Flight duration

From Riyadh to Jakarta: Around 9 hours; then about 2 hours to Bali.

From Jeddah to Jakarta: Around 10 hours, then about 2 hours to Bali.