Top stunning destinations to explore nature this season

Enjoy cooler weather in these beautiful regions across Saudi Arabia

If you’re tired of staying cooped up inside your house or have had enough of mall crawling this summer, maybe exploring the great outdoors is what you need. Yes, we get that wilting in the heat is no one’s idea of fun, but there are so many wonderful destinations in Saudi Arabia that are great during this time of the year. Along with a pleasant climate, these gorgeous regions offer a perfect haven for nature lovers with magnificent sights such as lush mountains, scenic valleys and soothing lakes. Here’s a round-up of our favourite spots:

Aseer - A scenic region clad in greenery

Characterised by its rainy weather, the Aseer region is an ideal option for a getaway during the months of September and October. With its cool climate and panoramic beauty, this is the right place to embrace the outdoors and enjoy a slice of nature. Take a cable car ride to the Green Mountain in Abha and be mesmerised by the marvellous views around on your ride up. You can also make a trip to the Abha Dam which is a visual feast with its blue water that contrasts with the green vegetation of the area. Another major attraction in the Aseer region is Jabal Sawda, the tallest peak in the Kingdom. Part of the inland Sarawat Mountains range, this delightful destination is cloaked in juniper trees and offers magnificent views. Set out to Al Habala and explore the mysterious Hanging Village which has homes built on the side of a steep cliff face. Take a cable car to this abandoned village and enjoy the sights of the picturesque mountains.

If you like a blend of history along with incredible natural beauty, Rijal Almaa will offer you an unforgettable experience. Brimming with culture, this village located about an hour away from Abha, is a magnet for nature lovers! With scenic hills enveloped in greenery, fresh crops and historic landmarks built with natural stone, clay and wood, it presents unparalleled sights for the perfect getaway! You can also head to Khamis Mushayt, a city which is known for its spectacular high peaks and is just about half an hour away from Abha.

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Makkah - Home to the beautiful Taif

Another place worth visiting lies in the Makkah province, namely the city of Taif, fondly called the ‘City of Roses’ thanks to the flowers that bloom in the valleys around it. This postcard-perfect destination is nestled amidst the Sarawat mountain range. It takes you to navigate the winding roads to reach there, making the journey a pleasure in itself. A real treasure not to be missed during your break in Taif is the cable car journey - the longest in Saudi Arabia - up to Al Hada Mountain. With a curving road that is a beautiful sight from the mountain top, and several viewpoints, this mountain is a must-visit! Apart from the stunning vistas of the mountainous region, resort towns such as Al Shafa are clad in greenery and offer a whiff of fresh air. Embark on a real adventure to Al Wahbah Crater, a majestic natural wonder which is 250-metres deep. It is a splendid experience to climb down to the heart of this dramatic marvel which has many folklores weaved around it.

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Al Bahah - Magnificent forests and valleys

An awe-inspiring destination situated in the south west of Saudi Arabia, Al Bahah region is famous for its delightful scenery. Its mild climate all through the year makes it a perfect escapade for those looking for a cool experience on warm days. And if you are really lucky, you can even catch the magical sight of heavy fog covering the mountains of Sarawat - a sight that truly reminisces winter. Nature enthusiasts can also head to one of the many forests in the region, such as Al Zarayeb or Raghdan, to unwind amidst nature’s lap and soak in some serenity. Al Bahah is also blessed with breathtaking valleys such as Faiq and Al Bayda, which are great retreats for a connection with nature. A drive from the city of Al Baha to Al Makhwat is one of the most enchanting routes in the region and offers many click-worthy halts for shutterbugs. Al Baha is also a hiker’s haven and a great place for those who want to enjoy a bit of mountaineering.

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With so many remarkable destinations that offer a lot of natural beauty, you don’t have to travel far to enjoy breathtaking scenery. Your next cool getaway is around you!

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